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  • What Could Have Been:
    • An early treatment for III, called "The Lake of Fire", would have begun with the player approaching the Boulder City Jail (the quest hub of the previous installment)... only for it to blow up, followed by random assassinations of the player's companions, vanilla or otherwise. The player would have had to work with a band of raiders to steal a convoy and make their way to Utah, as Marko had been taunting them with a number of letters placed throughout the gameworld. When the player arrives in Frosthill, what would follow were a series of increasingly-violent interrogations as the player seeks to find out what alias Marko is operating under. Just when it seems he'll uncover the truth first, Marko reveals himself, kills all the other bounty hunters pursuing him, forces the player to kill Stephen Randall, massacres his/her companions and leaves them broken and alone. The unrelentingly-grim nature of the plot and the fact that it would have tried to shove in a lot of characterization in a short period of time are reasons why the idea never got off the drawing board, and the final product is a much more streamlined version of that plot.
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    • According to an interview of someguy2000, NVB III was supposed to include a romance between the Courier and a NPC, who would be killed by Marko along the rest of Frosthill's population. The character was eventually cut from the released version, as someguy2000 asn't satisfied by the result.


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