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G3 takes place after an apocalypse.
As some have noticed, the ponies are segregated by race and seem not to have heard of each other before meeting. Then little things start popping up.

  • No one ever considers leaving their respective cities unless forced on an adventure.

  • There's a suspicious lack of ponies outside the settlements.

With all this taken into account, we can presume the cities are the last remaining vestiges of each race and fled there after the war to protect themselves. This continued on for so long that everyone forgot there was a war and stayed there out of tradition and cultural habit.


However, two know about their history. Spike says upon meeting Rarity that she was far from home and it's interesting that he should know what a unicorn is when no one else did. However, it makes sense considering his sleep lasted a thousand years, so a time before the war.

The other is Kimono. As the resident wisest pony, it would make sense for her to have tales and legends about her history passed down over the generations. Not to mention that her toy mentions knowing of tales when unicorns roamed the forests of Ponyland, which is the name given to the ponies' home in G1.

  • Nice, you just predicted the premise of Generation 5.

Generation 3 ended when the ponies fell under a reverse-aging spell they couldn't cure.
The first sign was Rainbow Dash's voice getting higher. Then every pony got smaller. Then they were babies. Sure, the ponies may claim they were "remembering" what they did at that age, but why is the same gang of seven all together in the baby series when that group of friends didn't form until the later G3 videos? They're really just describing the deja vu they experience as they try to deny the fact that they're about to shrink away to nothing.

G3.5 is AU or non-canon from G3
There are far too many continuity errors.
  • Sure. Everything has changed, all with the Core 7 and generation 3.5 semi-reboots. (Oh, should we count New Born Cuties?)

G3 ponies are magnetic, that's why they can use Invisible Anatomy
The toys have magnetic hooves so why not? For the things they hold that aren't magnetic.. Then maybe it's magic, or everything is magnetic in the Ponyverse?

Ponies are segregated in G3 due to Fantastic Racism
In one of the G3.5 specials one of the ponies quite literally says that Sweetie doesn't belong in Ponyville, she belongs in Unicornia. Pegasus and Earth Ponies haven't interacted in so long that the latter forgot the former existed. Earth Ponies are afraid of Unicorns powers, Unicorns traditionally think they're better than other types.

G3.5 is a prequel to G3
  • Isn't it canonically set when the Core 7 ponies were foals? At least the toys were supposed to. That doesn't explain the lack of adults, why everyone looks like a foal, or why there's a mayor so young.

G3 takes place in a dystopia akin to The Giver
Explains why all the ponies seem to think alike despite having different personalities, plus the conformity.

G3's "princesses" are actually elective presidents that have a royal theme so they won't seem intimidating

Well, none of the ponies have a known "royal family", which means no line of succession, and no monarchy (unless they decide to establish an actual line). Wysteria was chosen as princess because of a magic flower, and nobody knows what "family" Rarity came from (Cheerilee, Brights Brightly, and Whistle Wishes are pretty ambiguous on whether or not they're actually Rarity's older sisters or just her ladies-in-waiting). So they are technically "presidents", but live in a castle and have a nobility title, because no little girl would see a "pony republic" as appealing.


Thistle Whistle has Tourette's Syndrome

She does have a verbal tic, which is whistling. This could be a sign that she has the syndrome.