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Mr Pickles doesn't have satanic powers per se
The only ability he's shown to have is using his voice to manipulate animals, and even then its basically him voicing threats of violence backwards. Other than adapting this to soil vibrations to communicate with snakes, he doesn't do any other supernatural feat, unless the Sunrise trailer is canon.

What he does have is intelligence, ruthlessness and time to spare.

Tommy is really the evil one, not Mr. Pickles.

Think about it. Mr. Pickles does what he wants, when he wants. But Tommy's one of the few people he listens to, or respects, and he often tries to protect Tommy. Thus, we can conclude that Tommy really has the power, and Mr. Pickles is a sort of avatar. It could even be that Tommy hasn't quite awakened his demonic power yet, so Mr. Pickles was sent to protect him until he fully develops his powers.


Mr. Pickles gets some sort of power from the pickles.

Mr. Pickles has a limited amount of demonic power, and the pickles recharge it. Hence the jumbo pickles in episode 2 - he knew he'd be doing a lot that episode, so he had to replenish a lot of power.

Mr. Pickles isn't evil.
He's the spirit of Catharsis...The entire town, save for Tommy and his family, are sinful and depraved...He's just doing some...Clean up
  • Considering all the Asshole Victims we see on a daily basis and all the people he, ahem, helps, we can consider that.
    • Let's put it this way...He would've left Cheeseman alone if he didn't pleasure himself to that fish.
  • The Lair seems to comfirm this. If he was evil, he would have joined forces with the Super Villain who offered to Take Over the World with him, but instead Mr Pickles is a Good Boy & kills him. And if he was evil he definitely wouldn't have spared Grandpa.

Old Town is actually some form of Purgatory, Mr. Pickles is the Grim Reaper, and Tommy's grandfather is Satan.

This theory seems to be solid to me, anyway. Everyone in the show is already dead (they just don't know it) and attempting to repent for their sins in life. The Grim Reaper has chosen the form of a friendly dog and is tasked with keeping an eye on the Goodmans while sending anyone who lapses back into their old ways to Hell by killing them again. The only reason people like Floyd and Mr. Goodman's boss are still in Purgatory is because "Mr. Pickles" hasn't thought of a clever way to kill them yet. Meanwhile, Satan has taken on the form of an old man, who is attempting to convince everyone that "Mr. Pickles" is "evil" so he can get rid of him and tempt the Goodmans to sin again. This may also explain why "Mr. Pickles" lets "Tommy's grandfather" see him do the things he does, like hold satanic rituals, and why the inside of his doghouse is a hellish cave: To mock him. All the people he's "holding hostage" in the doghouse have actually passed their tests and are waiting to go to Heaven.


Sooner or later, Mr. Pickles will have sex with Tommy's mom...and she'll enjoy it.

Hear me out before I'll be labeled as a pervert...Mr. Pickles comes on to her quite often, but it's often excused because, well, he's a dog. Furthermore...she never seems to mind when he does it. In a few episodes when he rammed his face into her behind or placed his paw on her breast, she just giggled it off but with a delighted "Oh, Mr. Pickles." as if to say: "Oh, you dog." And, Mr. Pickles, being the primal beast he is and also cold-blooded murderer, will at least try to have sex with her once, but not kill her, because she's after all Tommy's mom. Tommy's parents also has quite limited interaction, even less than those mentioned in this title, so maybe their sex life isn't very active. Seeing as this show is rated MA on adult swim and already far sicker shit has happened, I wouldn't be surprised if my theory sprouted.


Oldtown apparently is a town where no one has never heard of Christianity.
First off everyone in Oldtown except for the Goodmans acts highly immoral (which leads to their deaths at the paws of Mr. Pickles) and second not once do we see ANYONE go to Church in this town! And if a Church does exist in Oldtown why hasn't the Grandpa ever thought about arming himself with holy water or crosses in order to protect himself from Mr. Pickles... basically the lack of morals and Church in this town is probably the reason why a devil dog can come and go as he pleases and no one can do anything about it.

  • Jossed: as seen in the pilot where Tommy greets Preacher Pettybone who is in front of a Christian/Catholic church.

Mr. Pickles Came Back Wrong
Tommy's grandfather made a Deal with the Devil, or a devil, when young Tommy either wanted a pet but wasn't allowed one or his Border Collie died. Therefore as party of the first part Mr. Pickles isn't allowed to harm him but may torment him at leisure, while Tommy being the party of the third part has to be served as a loyal pet.

Mr. Pickles is Satan and Tommy is The Antichrist
It would explain why Mr. Pickles is so protective of Tommy. He doesn't love him, he's just protecting his future meat puppet until the Apocalypse. In time, Tommy will assume political power (this being the Crapsack World that it is, he won't even really need to get any smarter, which will make Mr. Pickles' plans a lot easier) and Mr. Pickles will take control of him, either via forceful Demonic Possession or simply by acting as The Dog Behind the Boy and feeding Tommy suggestions while he unwittingly destroys the world. The reason why he chose a handicapped child as The Antichrist? Two reasons: 1. It would net Tommy a huge sympathy vote when he runs for office. and 2. So that Tommy can't run from Mr. Pickles should he find out about his destiny.

At some point Mr. Pickles will fall victim to a dog whistle.
Despite his superior intellect and physiology he is still a dog, and has dog weakness i.e fear of vacuums (until he overcame it of course).
  • Tommy's grandfather will buy a dog whistle.

Tommy will become Mr Pickles' next human pet.
While Mr. Pickles does sincerely care for Tommy, by taking him on as a pet Tommy has inadvertently made a deal with Mr. Pickles, a bargain that has been made at least once, but perhaps many times, before. As a result, when Tommy becomes an adult and/or the current human pet dies, Tommy will take the human pet's place. Once Mr. Pickles adopts him, Mr. Pickles will become another child's pet, and the cycle will continue.

Mr. Pickles was the Warden's (Superjail!) dog
Or at the very least has some connection between them.

Mr. Pickles will end up in an ordinary building with soundproof walls
Mr. Pickles cannot opem doors The soundproof walls will preveny him from summoning his animal [[strikethrough: friends]] slaves.

Mr. Pickles is the real father of Beverly and Tommy
Beverly is the 665th daughter-wife of Mr. Pickles (the 664th being Beverly's mother and so on). Tommy is his 666th child, his first son, and will become the Antichrist when he becomes an adult. None of the living Goodmans know the truth, but Henry will discover it in the future.

Humans aren't inmune to Mr. Pickles' hypnotism
Mr. Pickles hypnotises people around him all the time. That's why the residents of Old Town act so weird and why nobody (excluding Grandpa) ever suspects of him. We just don't see it because the series is filmed from a human POV.

The chihuahua in the train in "My Dear Boy" is the chihuahua in Stanley's coma dream
And he is an even more powerful satanist conduit than Mr. Pickles.

Mr. Pickles will meet someone just as evil and sadistic as him.
They'll see each other as Worthy Opponents.

Vito Pizzarelli was into bestiality long before he became Bigfoot
He kept it a secret from other mobsters for years. Now that he is Bigfoot, he is free to date animals without being judged.

The people in the town are insane because of a witch's curse
The reason most of the people in the town are bat sh*t crazy is because of a curse a witch placed on them in the 1700s. Whoever lives in that town will either become a nutcase or a jerk. For whatever reason, Tommy's family are immune to the curse.

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