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Nightmare Fuel / Mr. Pickles

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  • Everything about Mr. Pickles. EVERYTHING. He renders animals helpless and rapes them. He turns his victims into graphic creations of Body Horror that could only be accomplished in a cartoon. He lets Grandpa witness his crimes because no-one will believe him. If all that weren't enough, he has a human slave he treats like a pet.
    • The worst part? A good portion of this is done out of love for his oblivious owner, a little boy.
  • The depravity of this town is pretty unsettling, in one "victim" of Mr. Pickles gave Tommy breasts and sent him to work at a strip joint.
    • Doesn't help that we eventually find out that despite his appearance Tommy is actually 6... that's right some sick sonofabitch gave a 6-year-old-boy breast implants and sent him to work at a strip joint... do you feel like showering now?
  • Most of the human character designs are very good at being grotesque and ugly. It's like someone has a Body Horror spinning wheel to pick and choose.
  • Mr. Pickles' Lair... and that ship made out of bodies (and apparently some are still alive) does not help!
    • Keep in mind that through most of season one, Mr. Pickles' lair has only been shown in very small cameos. However the season finale has Grandpa finally going inside the liar. What was once a Black Comedy show quickly turns into a survival horror episode filled to the brim with Continuity Nod's of Mr. Pickles' past victims and gigantic cases of Body Horror everywhere.
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    • In the Season 2 finale, it's revealed that Mr. Pickles dug out the bottoms of all of the graves in the Old Town cemetery and has an entire ancient underground city in his Lair, complete with a massive pyramid with his face on it and two statues of him. Just how long has this dog been around!?
    • When Henry moves up the stairs to confront Mr. Pickles, we get a better look at the pyramid. The entire. Thing. Is made from human corpses, fused together into one gigantic structure. Forget how long Mr. Pickles has been around; how many people has he killed to build that thing?
  • Possibly even more disturbing than anything Mr. Pickles has done is Mrs. Goodman's Midlife Crisis in "Season 2 Finale." Mr Pickles murdering his Asshole Victims is Played for Laughs, and is even a Moment of Awesome sometimes. But her breakdown is completely serious, and it leaves both Tommy and his dad terrified of her. Thank god it did not last long.
    • And at the end of the episode there was a plot twist, when Steve reveals himself/herself to Henry, he/she turns out to be his wife Agnes all along.
    Steve!Agnes: Hello, Henry.

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