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There are many hints that point towards this theory being true. The clues include:
  • His clothes being the same every time he meets Kate,
  • He only speaks to Kate, and nobody else.
  • The number of coincidental times he meets her.
  • When Kate and Tom are in the ice skating rink, the operator arrives and shouts "You can't be here!". What if he was only speaking to Kate, and not her and Tom?

So, after gathering the evidence, he could be:

  • A ghost of Christmas... whatever tense it is. Or an angel.
  • Kate's coma dream in hospital, motivating her to live on.
    • Otherwise, it's her Dying Dream.
  • Kate's conscience, because she mentioned a near-death experience that had her receive a heart transplant from someone. What if that person was Tom, who really did sacrifice himself for her, and is somehow trying to teach her to appreciate the extra time she received from him? I mean, Wham!'s "Last Christmas" does have the lyrics ♫ Last Christmas, I gave you my heart... ♫.
  • Confirmed. Tom is dead and Kate's heart donor, but he isn't related to Santa.

Unless it's not Trailers Always Spoil, this kind of plot twist would be too obvious.
  • Jossed. Tom's dead.

ALTERNATELY alternatively, Kate is still sick and dies at the end.
Its her last Christmas, like, on Earth. And Tom makes it happy for her.
  • Jossed. Kate lives.

There will be an Actor Allusion for Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones.
I mean, there must be at least one. Maybe something about dragons?
  • Jossed. We don’t see any references that could clearly be linked to Emilia Clarke's tenure on Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen or Game of Thrones references in general.
  • The trailer does have Kate use the line ' 'Is this the part where you murder me?', a lesson her Game of Thrones character would have done well to take to heart about suspiciously-behaving associates.

Kate is Daenerys Targaryen reincarnated.
At the end of Game of Thrones, Drogon flies off east carrying Daenerys's corpse, and there has been much fandom speculation that he's taking her to Asshai to get resurrected - Asshai being the home city of the 'red priests' who have resurrected people in the show. Instead, when she arrived there the priests deemed her actions at the end of Game of Thrones too immoral to grant resurrection, so instead they reincarnated her into a version of our world, where she can learn the value of opening your heart and becoming a more well-rounded person, and continue her Game of Thrones mission of helping the less fortunate, but this time without killing any of them.
  • The only problem is that is that the red priests don't have an issue with burning unbelievers.

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