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  • Emma Thompson's character is simply delightful.
    • "Lesbian pudding."
  • The dinner scene, a classic case of a Dysfunctional Family:
    Petra: Not dick, penis.
    Ivan: Dick means penis.
    Petra: Dick means penis? No, Dick is our neighbor...
    Dick: It also means penis.
    Petra: Our neighbor is called Penis?
    • Also:
    Ivan: Would you rather drive a minicab?
    Petra: Look what it done to him. He look thousand years old.
    Ivan: Oh thanks. Nabijem te na kurac.note 
  • When Santa and Boy first meet, they share a long, awkward, hilariously surreal Meet Cute while the music swells in the background. Kate can only stare, flummoxed.
    Boy: Do you have anything dissimilar to this decoration?
    Santa: Of course. We have many things dissimilar. *awkwardly reaches behind her to grab something* For example, this Christmas Gibbon.
  • Kate, having gotten some practice skating the day before thanks to Tom, does reasonably well at her audition for an ice show. One of the casting directors appreciates the fact that Kate obviously prepared, noting that they often get people auditioning who had never even been on the ice before. Kate laughs nervously and asks who would do something so stupid. She then skates away... and falls flat on her face. Trying to remain professional, she plays it off with a joke:
    I did that in case you thought I was too perfect.
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  • Kate on Santa's ridiculous fake eyelashes before her date with Boy:
    Kate: He'll think he's wandered into the llama enclosure!
  • The twist, in the right mood. Though maybe for the wrong reasons.

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