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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

In the main story or in something akin to The True Arena, Kirby will be confronted by the combined forces of Drawcia and Paintra.
Triple Deluxe (the Japanese version in particular) establishes that Paintra is Drawcia's sister. Sure, both were reverted back to their painting forms upon defeat and subsequently exploded, but when has the mere concept of death been a deterrent in this series? Both Returns to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe have unexpectedly brought back past bosses (Galacta Knight from Super Star Ultra and Dark Meta Knight from The Amazing Mirror) for their extra modes, a convention that'll probably hold up in future titles, and this game is
a stylistic (and possibly direct) sequel to Canvas Curse. It'd be the perfect opportunity, and if it doesn't happen here, it should happen somewhere down the line.
  • This seems like a good opportunity, since paint and color is a major theme of the game. It is a rainbow curse, after all. You even control what is essentially a living paintbrush. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a reference to Drawcia and/or Paintra somewhere in the game, be it a cameo or a full boss fight.
  • Jossed: You fight an Expy of Dark Matter instead.

An Expy of Adeleine, or perhaps the real thing, will appear as a boss or at least cameo.
Look at the paintbrush thing. Doesn't she look vaguely like Ribbon? Also worth noting is that what happened to her is very, very reminiscent of what happened in Kirby 64. Considering that she is a possible Expy of Ribbon, we can expect an Expy of Adeleine somewhere in this game...
  • Confirmed, sort of. Claycia is fairly similar to Adeleine, in that she's usually benevolent and a great artist with a knack for Art Initiates Life. She even gets possessed by the Big Bad, and Kirby has to fight her to stop it. There's not too many parallels to Kirby 64 besides that, though.

Kirby's deliberately rolling around like a ball so that Elin can help out during the adventure as well.
Dark Crafter is Dark Matter
In Dream Land 2, Dark Matter was jealous of Dream Land's happy lifestyle and sought to destroy it. Dark Crafter is a portion of this Dark Matter who seeks to do something similar.
Dark Crafter is Shadow Dedede
Note that Dark Crafter's roar is actually a slightly distorted version of the roar shared by Dedede and Shadow Dedede in Triple Deluxe. However, if Dark Crafter is Dedede, it's doubtful that he could possibly return back to his Dedede form after such a drastic transformation he would have had to receive, and Shadow Dedede is likely much more evil than Dedede. Think about it, would you be more surprised to see Shadow Dedede or Dedede possess Claycia? It's possible that Dark Crafter is actually a later (and probably enraged) form of Shadow Dedede.
Rainbow Curse was partially an exploration of what could be done with a potential Mother remake
The official artwork for the MOTHER games has a predominately clay aesthetic, so if some sort of modern remake were to happen, it's conceivable that they might want to do something similar with the in-game art direction.

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