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Stacy and Dan were/are a couple
From the way Stacy reacted towards the group, she and Dan were still close and the vibe seemed more than friends.
  • Well, it looks like this was Jossed.

Redfield is not real
What if Redfield doesn't really exist? A cool twist could be that the gang is already crazy and are blacking out/ hallucinating whenever a supernatural disaster happens to someone. If you think about it, even the Point of View from the MC is tricky.
  • Dan has been under therapy (via text messages), he entered the forest by himself and sent texts to all his friends from the gang, suddenly has a relapse, is in a coma, and momentarily wakes up with Redfield in his head.
  • Devon/MC could have blacked out before returning home and kill Cody.
  • The suspiciously timed attacks by animals. Either they happened or "metaphorically happened".
    • Lucas is under drugs he got by forging prescriptions and the possibilities of a blackout and reset of a premedited viper suprise is a possiblity.
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    • Stacy could have attacked Britney and steal her phone while her mind created the monsters.
      • One problem with that: Britney saw the thing too.
    • Andy could also have attacked Ben himself. A counterargument is that people saw the bear, animals, etc, but let's also remember we play from the gang's POV.
  • Remember that Connor is the only LI without a Nerve meter and wasn't part of the gang unlike Dan.
  • Jane's death could also be related to the gang. Either she died by accident or the kids had something to do, so they convinced themselves that Redfield exists as both coping method and scapegoat. A possibility, according to the flashbacks, is that the "Are you scared?" game went wrong and in an attempt to scare Jane, she got killed by accident.
  • Noah mentioned that his mother both blames him for Jane's death and wishes it was him instead. Aside from the possibility that his mother is horrid, it could also be about Noah having taken part on it and has blocked the memory.
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  • Jossed, everything was supernatural.

Britney will turn into a total Yandere for Lily
Whether it's from Mr. Red's influence or not, she will end up crazy jealous at anyone even saying hello to Lily.
  • Jossed.

Jocelyn has been taking steroids
Let's face it. There's no way she is naturally strong enough to shove an athlete to the floor, break free from two people restraining her, and grab another person by the throat with relative ease.

Redfield Was Once a Man
Redfield was once a human (possibly a child, given his child-like behavior) who died in the ruined Westchester house, possibly killed as a Human Sacrifice by the cult Goddard E. Filleus discovered and infiltrated.
  • Unlikely the cult killed him because the powers they are described to have obtained are the ones given by Redfield.
  • Confirmed. He was once a member of the caretakers of the Power in the woods who ended up going too deep and merged with it.

Pritch the Witch will end up helping against Mr. Red
In the past, she chased after a young Jane and Noah. She’s most likely going to help Devon and friends take him down.
  • Confirmed so far. The group finds a children's book by Cora Pritchard that's eerily similar to what they've gone through.
    • Confirmed again. She gives the group the means to seal Mr. Red in Chapter 11.

We haven’t seen the last of Mr. Red
Even after being sealed in Chapter 11, there’s still one more letter Goddard E. Filleus and an axe to fill up the collectibles. Someone will likely free Mr. Red by accident and he’ll take his vengeance out on the town.
  • Sadly confirmed. The monsters and spiders attack the homecoming prom at the end of Chapter 12.

In Memoriam sets up a Here We Go Again! for the next book.
Not likely to be the driving force, since the
Sequel Hook seems to show a second monster, but we know Devon/Noah is still out there, wandering the woods, getting angrier and sadder and forgetting who they are. It seems like the survivors have pretty much moved on and left them alone (just like they did with Jane), which might lead them to lash out in anger and desperation like she did. The new Redfield could turn up as a minor enemy, or even form a Big Bad Duumvirate with the new monster.
  • Don’t know about those who sacrificed Devon, but this is Jossed with Noah who only Devon knows about and he seems to feel guilty about what happened and seems to be The Atoner for his actions, giving Tom a spelbook.

The humanoid figure in Grandpa's cabin will be one hell of a Chekhov's Gun
Whatever is happening in "Beneath," all the premium choices will end up leading to revealing what Grandpa's got locked up. Considering it's something under the lake, it's most likely a diving suit.
  • Jossed about the diving suit, but confirmed that it is a Chekhov's Gun. It's a magic suit of armor that allows Harper to fight evenly against Josephine.

Kyle’s not staying dead
We get to flirt with him and get a romance point and suddenly he’s dead? I don’t think so. I suspect he’ll be resurrected somehow.

  • Considering Ned was brought back from the dead after being killed, this might be true.
    • Ned’s return was jossed.

Chief Kelley is part of the cult
He's either the leader of it or a member, but either way, he was quite eager to get Ned out of town in Chapter 4. It would explain him not wanting to look any further into Kyle's death.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 7

Mr. Red fighting the Lake Monster will be a Godzilla Threshold
Even with all the right dialogue and premium choices, Mr. Red Devon or Noah will be summoned along with a horde of vine monsters to fight against the lake bears when all hell breaks loose.

It will not only be scary, but awesome and awesomely scary.

  • Confirmed in Chapter 15. If you bought the spellbook in a premium choice, or accepted his help when he showed up, he helps fight against the monsters in a Big Damn Heroes moment.

The Society is planning on sacrificing Imogen during the Lake Festival
If you remember closely, Imogen once tells that her parents never said they were proud of her, until the power of the lake accepted her. Then they talk about a sacrifice, later claiming that it’s just one drop of blood.
  • Jossed. They're sacrificing Harper. Despite being manipulative and somewhat abusive, Imogen's parents do love her, at least Astrid, who Takes The Bullet for her in Chapter 15.

Arthur is taking the fall to protect Harper and Elliot
Many of his actions are contradictory in the same episode where it’s revealed that he was part of the Society traitors.
  • He saves Harper twice, the first time being after Harper witnessed Ned’s murder, and later does it again when Richard tries to choke Harper.
  • When asked about the murder of his daughter, Arthur denies it quickly. Before he can explain himself, he starts confessing the crime and his motivations without a trace of remorse, making him hard to read. He could be lying with any of those two answers.
  • There’s still the mystery of why he has the sealed armour in his house.
  • Half-Confirmed in Chapter 12. While Arthur didn't kill Harper and Elliot's parents and did want to protect them, he was brainwashed into taking the fall by Vincent.

Arthur never sold out Josephine to Astrid and Vincent
Spoilers for Chapter 14. Josephine believes Arthur waited until their daughter was born before Astrid and the others used her as a conduit for the Power, especially if Astrid had a Just Between Me And You moment with her. It will not only get straightened out by their grandchild finding out the truth, leaving Josephine not killing Astrid, but putting her in a Fate Worse than Death.

Regardless how the final battle goes, all the deaths in this book will be explained by the dam breaking.
It would cover up the Society's actions, but also keep people from digging into anysupernatural activity that happened in town.
  • Confirmed. Danni and Parker made sure that the public and government know it's the dam breaking, making displaced animals attack humans.

Tom will be one of the few recurring characters across the series
Whether he's part of the main cast of It Lives 3 or not, he'll still have some presence depending on if he survives "Beneath."

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