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  • Fan Nickname: Fans call the Lake Ghost "Lake Grandmother" since Chapter 12, when she is revealed to be Harper's grandmother.
  • I Knew It!
    • Many fans aren’t surprised that Redfield isn’t defeated for good in Chapter 11. The clues indicating this are two more collectibles left to acquire, lack of a nerve check on Dan, and the nerve scores of characters not affecting their fates yet.
    • Similarly, in the sequel, fans correctly predicted that Grandpa Arthur was forced into falsely confessing to the murder of Harper and Elliot's parents and that the lake ghost is Harper and Elliot's grandmother (Arthur's wife).
  • You ALL Look Familiar
    • The waitress who appears in the last chapter if Noah doesn't become Redfield is reused as Danni's coworker at the coffeeshop.
    • Cid, Devon's neighbor, shares the exact same model as Seth from #LoveHacks and a similar model to Jackson from The Crown & the Flame.
    • Shannon's model has been reused quite a few times since, notably in Wishful Thinking, in which she and the woman who walks into the lake at the end of the first book are side characters the player can choose to set up.

Alternative Title(s): It Lives In The Woods


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