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Tear Jerker / It Lives

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  • The final "Are you scared?" game will result in at least one death. The immediate aftermath is not pretty, especially if the deaths include Devon or Stacy. If Devon dies, they get to talk with Jane one last time. If Stacy dies, her mother desperately tries to find her.
  • The epilogue ends with a memorial that becomes more heart-wrenching with each remembered person. In particular, Stacy's family shares some contagious tears during her eulogy, and the entire crowd chants "King Kang" during Andy's.
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  • No matter who volunteers to take Jane's place, the other will comfort her as she crosses over and be held in the arms of the sobbing survivor as the shadows overtake them.
  • In Chapter 15 of It Lives Beneath, Harper tells their friends to live their lives well before going to face Josephine alone. If someone died, Harper tells the survivors to bury them in a place they would have liked (in Imogen or Parker's case) or take them back to their loved ones (in Tom or Danni's case).
  • If Parker runs away and survives, he doesn't contact the gang for a long time. When he finally does, it's to say goodbye forever.
  • If Harper dies in the finale, the game really hammers in the feeling of hopelessness. The track which played when Harper left their friends (and one possibly died) comes up again. Three sets of desperate but useless choices appear. Elliot comes home to find everything in disarray, texts Harper and their friends in a panic, and never gets a response.

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