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My initial guess for the nature of the Messengers that Imbue the Hunters was that they were old Wraiths of great power or fragments of same that got across the Shroud after the start of the latest big Maelstrom.
  • It all makes sense now. The reason the Messengers are so bent on getting the Hunters to fight the "Monsters" is revenge for the spirit-nuke and the whole Ravnos situation that created the Maelstrom in the first place, forcing the old Wraiths into a desperate fight for survival before Imbuing normal humans (the only group of people on the planet not involved with the whole mess).
    • It Gets Worse. Hunters are slowly driven insane from the Hunt (when it does not kill them first). Which sounds alot like the survivors of the Ravnos Bloodline that all went insane upon Ravnos' death. Further Revenge or Irony on part of the Messengers?

There are no monsters.

The Imbued are servants, or at least creations, of the Weaver and Wyrm.
  • In the Hunter Storyteller's Companion, we are told that the Creator's "Ministers" are the force behind the Messengers and the hunters. In Kindred of the East and its supplements, we are told that the Scarlet Queen/Phoenix and the Ebon Dragon, two of the August Personage of Jade's Ministers, are also behind the creation of the Kuei-jin as well. Meanwhile, in Mage: The Ascension and its supplement Dragons of the East, we are told that the three forces of Creation, their Triad, is the Tiger (the Wyld/Creator), the Scarlet Phoenix (the Weaver/Preserver), and the Ebon Dragon aka the Centipede (the Wyrm/Destroyer). Thus, the Hunters aren't a force for good; they are chosen by the Weaver and Wyrm to attack monsters (primarily, those monsters that those forces oppose, though they're willing to lose a few of their own for their own ends - the Wyrm for destruction of everything, the Weaver as part of its plan).

The Purpose, Days of Fire, And Lucifer The Morning star

  • For this explanation to make sense we need to establish the links between [1] and [2] . as well some basic knowledge about [[Main/Satan]] and [3]. The First glimpse we have, other than the information mentioned on the Storytellers books (which to some degree are obscure enough that anything can fit in there, [4] ) We find out that there's several ways for the World of Darkness to End and several potential Pathways. As we reach to the end of the book we find the name Woodrow Miller, a Government Agent investigating the killing of the Translator of Days of Fire. The book establishes that Lucifer actually loves humanity, even if they are flawed and deeply respects their ideals of freedom. to the point that [[Spoiler: Lucifer CREATED Christianity so he could fight the Earthbound, as well to give humans a tool to fight Evil]]. With that information given, we jump right into the book "Time of Judgement" in which we start with a preface told by Lucifer. If we jump right into pages 10 and 11 of that story, we can see how an Imbued named "Wendell" is about to fight Lucifer because of "The Shepard" told him to. This one [[Spoiler: Manages to Hurt Lucifer, making him Aware of the power invested in the hunters and that God Would forgive Him]] Making feel Horrified and in disgust of [[Spoiler: God using humans as a tool]]. With that in mind, and based on the scenarios mentioned on "Days of Fire" and "Time of Judgement." we understand that [[Spoiler: God Created the Hunters.]], Its purpose has to do with the "Week of Nightmares" scenario. Its highly likely to be a direct Cosmic Answer to the potential [5] Possibly because of the waking up of such beings as [[Spoiler: Belial the Great beast]] as well the other Cosmic Hi jinks that ensue.

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