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Death Note is in the Mage Universe.

Light, with his Paradox-free ability to kill, is a Euthanatos Sorcerer. L is a New World Order Extraordinary Citizen. Then Light went Nephandi.

  • Given his obvious insanity, he's probably a Marauder. Additionally, sorcerers still have issues performing public magic, whereas neither Light nor a Marauder does.

Mythbusters is a Technocracy-sponsored programme.

By "busting myths", they remove the effects in question from Consensus, making it harder for FILTHY REALITY TERRORISTS to work their Deviancy.


The Michaelson-Morley experiment was an actual experiment
In the mid-1800s, centuries of studying the Scourge (Paradox) came together and suggested the Consensual Reality Hypothesis to members of the Order of Reason. The Michaelson-Morley experiment was not an attempt to punish the Electrodyne Engineers by taking away their favorite hypothesis; it was an attempt to test the Consensual Reality Hypothesis by seeing if they could get rid of the ether by changing people's beliefs. The Sons of Ether desperately did not want the Consensual Reality Hypothesis to be true (because they didn't like the idea of lying to everyone about the supernatural, which is the logical conclusion of belief-based reality), and so they were invited to put up their pet theory as a test. (The real-world Michaelson-Morley experiment did not actually disprove the luminiferous ether; it just implied that if it existed, it was behaving very strangely. It wasn't until relativity came along that physicists gave up on the ether.)

All attempts before the Michaelson-Morley experiment to conceal the supernatural can be attributed to the Camarilla or other groups. The Order of Reason opposed the Camarilla and the Masquerade; they tried to empower humanity by telling them how to fight creepy supernatural things like mages and vampires, not by hiding them.

Once the Consensual Reality Hypothesis was confirmed, the Order of Reason realized that if the Camarilla succeeded in convincing humanity that vampires do not exist, then they wouldn't. So they reorganized themselves into something that could better help enforce the Masquerade: the Technocratic Union.

The Sons of Ether defected at about this time. The Technocracy claims that they left because consensual reality can give you your own personal super science that you don't need to share with everyone else, and they thought that sounded like fun. The Sons of Ether claim that they left because they saw the direction the new Union was taking (including lying to the world about the supernatural) and didn't like it.


Convention Book: Void Engineers is less than entirely honest about why Threat Null is a secret.

If the truth about Threat Null came out, the Void Engineers could still protect their colleagues and prevent them from helping Threat Null, probably better than they could if they keep it secret. ("Everyone who was in the Deep Universe when the Dimensional Static came down has been turned into a monster, and the ex-NWO monsters still know how to mess with your head. Let us handle them. Stay on Earth, where you will be safe.") The problem is, that leads to another secret being exposed. (NWO: "Interesting. Why can't they mess with your heads?" Void Engineers: "...oh, um...the implanted mind control that we definitely still have...")

Iteration X has a secret war with the Autopolitans

It's heavily implied that old-school DEIs were the Computer on Autocthonia's way of turning Iterators into its little puppets. Since the Dimensional Static came down, the Iterators on Earth have been installing new and improved DEIs, turning down the Pogrom, and generally acting very different from before. It's entirely possible that the Computer's control broke at that time...and the Iterators figured out how they'd been used and are fighting back against their former puppetmaster. They haven't told the Syndicate, NWO, or Progenitors about their secret war, or that the Computer is evil, because they think that the NWO might decide that they are still compromised and decide to wipe them all out as a precautionary measure. They don't tell new Iteration X recruits (including the narrator of Convention Book: Iteration X) to keep them away from Autocthonia and to keep them from telling the NWO. They haven't asked the Void Engineers for help with their secret war because the Void Engineers were the ones who showed them Autocthonia in the first place, and they think the Void Engineers might be in cahoots with the Computer.