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Demolition Man takes place in the same timeline as the Predator Movies
Demolition Man predicted that by 1996, crime would be so bad that LA would be reduced to a war zone. Predator2, made in 1990, and taking place in 1997, also predicted a crime war so bad that parts of LA were reduced to a war zone. If they were indeed part of the same timeline, then the crime war in Predator 2's 1997 was merely a continuation of the crime war in Demolition Man's 1996.

Though, the second Predator movie suggests a less serious crime war, seeing how in that movie, the LAPD uses conventional squad cars, while in the 1996 of Demolition Man, they drive Humvees.

John Spartan being railroaded in 1996 was The Plan of Raymond Cocteau.
Raymond Cocteau would undoubtedly have a role in society in 1996 if he's as old as he is in 2032 (at the time of filming, Nigel Hawthorne was 64. If Cocteau was the same age as his actor in 2032, he'd be roughly 28 years old in 1996). So Cocteau, or maybe even his family, had a hand in John Spartan being put out of the way in 1996, ensuring that LA would get so crapsack that the people would look to his extreme utopia as the only solution. Basically doing what the League of Shadows were doing in Batman Begins.

In fact, it's altogether possible that Cocteau or one of his followers could've acted as an unknown mastermind for Simon Phoenix himself in 1996, long before outright being his benefactor in 2032.

  • Cocteau may not have just engineered the entire bus hostage situation with the intent of getting Spartan out of the way. If Cocteau was a Ra's al-Ghul type, he probably had followers planted throughout Los Angeles society to ensure a swift descent into the anarchy of the 1996 opening sequence, and then staged events like the failed hostage rescue to get people to make people want to turn to his utopian ideals.

Demolition Man is an Alternate Universe Judge Dredd

Demolition Man is set in the same continuity as Halo.
And the Master Chief is the 117th clone of the original John Spartan, coming from DNA that was extracted while he was frozen.

Demolition Man is in the same continuity as Idiocracy

What do you expect of a society that has everything spoon fed to it? It's going to degenerate, and fast.

  • Or it's an alternate future, considering the fact that Spartan is intent on making a less restrictive future at the end of the film.
    • Well, maybe the compromises could go a bit wonky...
  • A couple problems with this. First, Idiocracy takes place in a 2005 that's not radically different from the "real" one. If there were indeed cryo-prisons by 1996, then why would the army's cryo-experiment even be needed? Secondly, cursing seems to be not only legal in Idiocracy, but it's on their money.

Edgar Friendly used to work for Cocteau.
Why else would he just spontaneously start a rebellion and know about Cocteau's plan to the point where he practically knows the 90s. He used to work with Cocteau during the beginning stages and simply rebelled due to a disagreement.

The three seashells are decorative buttons
Pressing them makes a mechanism in the toilet spray you with water, blow dries your nethers, applies a fresh scent, etc. It's not that complicated, which is why everyone finds it funny.

The movie takes place in the alternate timeline created by Marty's trip to the future in Back to the Future Part II

In Back to the Future Part II, Biff Tannen got his hands on a Gray's Sports Almanac in 2015, and gave it to himself in 1955. His younger self subsequently used the results of the almanac to win by betting on horse races, which led to a turn of events in which Hill Valley became a hellhole to live in: criminals running rampantly, homeless people and biker gangs in the town square, etc. Perhaps the behaviors shown in Hill Valley in 1985-A were not just limited to Hill Valley, but eventually spread to Los Angeles and points south, resulting in the LA of 1996-A shown in the movie that John Spartan lives in.

  • The whole "Nixon seeks fifth term" reference in an article of the Hill Valley Telegraph already confirms the part about "not just limited to Hill Valley". Perhaps Biff lobbied for the 61st amendment and financed Schwarzenegger's Presidential campaign after Nixon did something even Biff couldn't fix.

Cocteau's control is secretly dependent on drugs

Just as in Brave New World, the government's ability to control the population would be much more plausible if some sort of substance were involved. My own guess would be that their equivalent of soma would be a drug that targeted depression and aggressiveness, and encouraged calmness and compliant attitudes. This drug is delivered via processed food, or perhaps via the three seashells.

The drug is not universally effective: some people are naturally resistant, and Edgar Friendly and his allies are the result. Cocteau's plan could be part of a continual effort to deprive the ranks of the resistant of critical mass and leadership; or, alternatively, Edgar Friendly might be coming unwittingly close to discovering the truth about the drug, and Cocteau has to get rid of him before he uncovers the real facts and a revolution results.

Huxley already knew they'd have to bring out John Spartan

Huxley had done a research paper on John Spartan, the best remembered items tend to be at the very beginning where they're trying to catch your attention, and at the end, where some big event brought the story to a close. She knew his over 2000 arrests on "Authentic Criminals" and therefore already knew John Spartan had been the one to arrest Simon Phoenix in the 20th century, but she couldn't be the one to suggest needing to thaw him out, as the idea would be tossed purely on the basis of her obsession with the 20th century, so instead, she asked the man who flew Spartan to the place where Phoenix was arrested, someone who had knowledge of Spartan that would be taken seriously when he suggested that Spartan be defrosted.


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