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Heartwarming / Demolition Man

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  • Although being emotionally hardened is essential to being a competent law enforcer, it is still touching to see how the Police of San Angeles Society have regained enough respect for human life and dignity to be saddened and horrified by violence and death, as opposed to the cynical disrespect and gallows humor that modern police officers in our world treat suffering and cruelty with, if only out of ugly necessity.
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  • John Spartan made Huxley a sweater as an apology, how cute!
  • While it's meant to be a funny moment, the little girl Spartan saved telling the reporter off for only talking about how much the mini-mall he destroyed during the rescue cost. It's funny but at least someone stood up for him and appreciated that their life was saved by the Demolition Man.
  • Spartan getting reacquainted with Zachary Lamb, who had been a young recruit before he was frozen and is now an old man, one of the few people who remembered and believed in him. It's also possible that his recommending they wake up Spartan wasn't entirely in order to fight Phoenix, but also to give his old friend a second chance.
  • When Spartan finds out that the delicious hamburger he was eating was literally made of rats, he remembers the poverty and hardship that the poor cook and her fellow underdwellers have to endure, and having actually enjoyed it, sincerely tells her that it's the best burger he's had in years, which she joyfully appreciates.
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  • In a small moment of mutual bonding, during their final battle Spartan repeats the Pre-Asskicking One-Liner, "Is it cold in here, or is it just me?" to which Phoenix mutters, "Good memory." These men may be mortal enemies, but they obviously agree this future world they've been tossed into stinks compared to the past.
  • Spartan's daughter refused to bow down to Cocteau's fascism and lived her life as a Scrap, following in her father's footsteps of independence and freedom. He's extremely proud of her.
    • While they cut the reunion between father and daughter, they didn't fully cut her character from the film. The red-headed woman that Spartan is shielding from gunfire during the fight and who reappears beside Friendly at the end? That's her.
  • Despite Bob being at least complicit in many of Cocteau's crimes, Edgar Friendly welcomes him into the Scraps, only recommending that he pick a single color for his hair.


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