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  • When Spartan and Cocteau finally face-off (well, as close to a face-off as those two get, anyway).
    Cocteau: Be well.
    John Spartan: (pulls his gun at him) Be fucked.
    Machine: (buzz) John Spartan, you are fined one...
  • Remember, you gotta pay close attention to those Jackie Chan movies. Spartan was certainly impressed with Huxley when she utilized what she'd learned from them against some of the cryo criminals.
  • Ed Friendly leading the Scraps to overthrow Cocteau.
    • Although it's also damn hilarious, Friendly's speech demonstrates exactly why he's opposed to Cocteau and just what's wrong with the future society. And you can tell from his face Spartan agrees with every word.
  • Simon Phoenix showing that even he has standards and offing Cocteau. True, it was most likely more to secure his own freedom, but Phoenix seems just as genuinely disgusted with Cocteau as Spartan is. Extra points for taking the obvious Loophole Abuse with his mental conditioning against harming Cocteau:
    Cocteau: Now I'll have carte blanche to create the perfect society. My society. The purity of an ant colony and the beauty of a flawless pearl-
    Phoenix: Yeah, but you can't take away people's right to be assholes! ...That's who you remind me of; an evil Mr. Rogers! Will you please kill him? (throws gun to Mook) He's pissing me off.
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  • In the novelization, it's revealed that Spartan's daughter has chosen the life of a Scrap in San Angeles' underground. Despite being saddened by the difficult life she's led, Spartan is also very proud that his daughter chose to preserve her freedom and not bow down to Cocteau's fascist society.
  • Spartan and Phoenix's final battle in the cryo chamber, all starting with one hell of an Ironic Echo.
    Spartan: Is it cold in here or is it just me?
    Phoenix: ...Good memory.


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