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  • The scene where Fish reads the book to his blinded fellow astronaut. In a film trying too hard to have huge meaningful moments, the quiet humanity of this one really stood out.
  • "It's been a pleasure serving with you, Commander." "The honor's all mine, Andy."
  • Sarah's parents at the end of the movie, standing in the middle of a highway as the comet fragment crashes down above them: while people run from their cars in a panic, these two simply stand, embracing, and looking into each others eyes.
    • There's a similar moment from the reporter and her father standing embracing on the beach before the oncoming tidal wave. As the massive wave rushes towards them, Jenny clings to him and whispers "daddy". He hugs his daughter tightly and closes his eyes just before the wave sweeps over them.
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  • President Beck's final speech at the end of the film. Also counts as a Rousing Speech:
    President Beck: We watched as the bombs shattered the second comet into a million pieces of ice and rock that burned harmlessly in our atmosphere and lit up the sky for an hour. Still, we were left with the devastation of the first. The waters reached as far inland as the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. It washed away farms and towns, forests and skyscrapers. But, the water receded. The wave hit Europe and Africa too. Millions were lost, and countless more left homeless. But the waters receded. Cities fall, but they are rebuilt. And heroes die, but they are remembered. We honor them with every brick we lay, with every field we sow, with every child we comfort, and then teach to rejoice in what we have been re-given. Our planet. Our home. So now...let us begin.
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  • Jenny giving up her seat on the helicopter so Beth and her young daughter can try and escape with the rest of the MSNBC crew.
  • Jenny reconciling with her father at the beach- shortly before the deadly tsunami, exchanging a few confessions with each other and laughing about them!
    Jenny: When I was 11, I stole $32 from your wallet!
    Jason: When you were a baby, I once dropped you on your head!
  • The families of the Messiah saying their final goodbyes to them at the Mission Control Center.

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