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Season 2 will have at least one episode based on Treehouse of Horror.
The poster of Season 2 was made by Really 3 D and was a Homer Cubed reference.
  • Confirmed.

Hank Scorpio will be played by Auronplay with a red beard.
It will be the best episode ever.
  • Jossed, Llimoo played Hank Alacrán. But it was indeed one of the best Season 2 episodes.

Ideas for future episodes
  • An episode animated by Really 3 D.
  • Da Homa hallucinating after eating chilli.
    • Confirmed in Season 3 with Red Homa Cilly Pepper.
  • A Star Is Brugge, with Muntaner instead of Jay Sherman.

There will be a crossover with Cutrerama.
The name will be Suisarama or Cutresuisa.

Ciego que en realidad ve will appear in a later episode.
Maybe as Hans Moleman.

There will be three seasons, a movie and a videogame
Representing The Simpsons Movie, Game and Poochie.
  • Partially confirmed if you interpret Boleto as their Poochie.

This series will invert Seasonal Rot.
Future seasons will be actually well-made and people won't like it for that.
  • Jossed, Season 2 was better made than Season 1 and the reception was similar since it already had a fanbase.

Muntaner will be the Big Bad.

Moet is related to Bill Cipher.
He plays too much with Da Homa's dreams in Flaming Moet's.

"El de los Simpsons" will become canon.
It was the unnoficial pilot after all.

Season 4 with recreate the Steamed Hams episode
.And there will be memes about it.

Boleto will never return in the entire show.
Unless he is the Big Bad of the show.

"Peroman: The Movie" will be Defictionalized.
But just as a regular episode parodying superhero tropes like Cálico Electrónico.

Flansha will die instead of his wife.
The actress who plays him is too old.
  • Alternatively, she already died because she didn't return after Season 1.

Like the Dormo pilot in Season 3, Season 4 will have a Backdoor Pilot.

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