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The teams are fighting for new battle techniques
Fans have noted that several Dead Fantasy characters have used moves from Tekken. Perhaps the plot of Dead Fantasy is that characters from different video games are thrown together in the same world and need to compete to gain powers from the opposing team. Winning team takes all.

What do the G and S stand for
In a poll that Monty Oum did, he said that there will be Dead Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, G, S, Prologue & Finale. What do the G and S stand for?

I may be wrong, but I think he said there would be spinoffs of Dead Fantasy. G and S might be those spinoffs (but as for what they stand for, your guess is as good as ours)

  • Assuming that they are the spinoffs, the "G" might stand for "Gaiden".
  • Maybe S stands for Shippuden.

Hitomi is a Jedi.
Isn't it obvious? You've got blind fighting, using magic she's completely unfamiliar with and, of course, the Force Slap in Part V. Shame lightsabers don't yet exist in the DF universe/multiverse/wherever the hell everybody is.

By the time this is finished, we're going to need a flowchart to figure out who's fighting who and why.
Sooner or later the
DOA crew and the Square Enix Crew are going to start trading fighters. DOA might get themselves a Tifa via brainwashing, and I'm guessing that sooner or later the DOA crew and their constant in-fighting is going to lead to a Big Damned Heroes moment for one of the SE crew.

Probably Kasumi and Hayate, with Cloud coming in for the Big Damn Heroes moment.

Hayate is playing the Manipulative Bastard here.
Parts III and IV introduced some plot to the story, but most notably V has tied in even the previously thought plotless parts I and II into the overall story arc. However, while the early parts seem very much a "well, we're all badasses here, let's have a nice bout", the implications change due to the Easter Egg in part V, of dialogue (presumably Tifa's) stating "I have to help her", after which she falls off a cliff, teleported to the battle area. The feather seen in both scenes implies it's Rinoa that's responsible, but one wonders why Tifa would be recruited for something like this, and in fact, come prepared with a variety of Materia, if it was a friendly spar. In fact, the FF crew are fighting for their lives in every fight, and Ayane literally destroys the entire tower at the climax of II, so they're far more serious about this than it seems.

However, notable members of Team Tecmo aren't in on the plan. Kasumi didn't know her clones would be called in in IV, even though they don't attack her till she attacks them, and Hitomi slaps Hayate across the face after the events of V, clearly angry with what he's done. And finally, the fourth member of team Tecmo is Rachel, a demon hunter from Ninja Gaiden who goes right for Rinoa(a witch) upon her arrival. All of these are people that could be convinced to go along with Hayate's plan, or manipulated... and Hayate's been shown in canon to care more about the welfare of his clan than his family, given he sent kill squads after Kasumi in DOA 3. It's entirely possible he plans to trade the Square Enix fighters to DOATEC to protect his clan from their constant attention, given DOATEC's constant use of Mugen Tenshin ninja as weapons.


Given Monty's comments on "are you sure 'that person' is a good guy?" in interviews, and that "something unexpected happens in VIII and IX", it's entirely possible that the sides may change from company lines to heroes and villains. This leaves it ambiguous what Helena's game is, but that's for waiting and seeing.

All combat in DF I and II was in a simulated environment. Rinoa transported the fighters into the real world at the end of DF II.

Note the rather sudden shift between DF I&II and DF III, IV, and V. We go from the characters regularly getting shot and sliced without any real consequence in the first two to having Tifa and Kasumi getting horribly maimed as they fight their enemies later on. At the very least, it seems as if the reality they were fighting in during the first two videos was something much different than in the latter three.


There will be a Matrix-syle gunfight between Yuna and the soldiers seen at the end of DF V.
We've already seen one giant mook fight between the ninjas and Tifa, and you know Monty wouldn't have made those soldier models if he didn't plan on using them. He's already had practice with Gun Kata.

Additional characters who will appear in future Dead Fantasy installments will include...
  • Squall. Rinoa has already appeared, and we've seen Cloud get involved already. At the very least, we're going to see how Rinoa got that Revolver-style gunblade.
  • Ultimecia. Just to mix things up a bit.
  • Tidus. We've already seen Yuna and Rikku in action, and Cloud's presence has set a precedence for other male FF characters getting involved.
  • Auron. Because he's Auron.
  • Red XIII. One thing you can say about Monty, he loves making creative fight scenes, and it would be just his style to bring a non-humanoid creature like Red XIII into a fight scene to make things even wilder and more insane.
  • Since Yuna and Rikku are already present, one wonders how long until Paine pops by to round out the YRP trio.
  • Sabin. Because motherfucker suplexed a train. He'd fit in just fine with the over-the-top fight scenes of Dead Fantasy.
  • Terra, anyone? The fight started with females and the majority of fighters at the moment are girls, so she'd fit right in. And, at least in Dissidia, she's primarily a mage, so she'd be different from most of the others, who, with some exceptions, are physical fighters who implement magic at times.
  • Sephiroth. Just because.
  • Yuffie. Her talents as a Materia Thief would be valuable here in recovering the materia from Hitomi.
  • Naminé. Well, Law of Conservation of Detail. There's got to be a reason for this.
  • At this rate, there's a good chance that Aqua or Xion may join the party.
  • Zidane. Because the prehensile tail would give Monty some fun options in a fight. Also because he will break out of the digital world and kill us all if we try and keep him away from so many pretty girls. Of course, he's loyal enough that he'd probably drag Dagger along for the ride.
  • Terra, Aqua and Ventus. No words are necessary.
  • Lightning. She can actually perform the acrobatics showcased in DF, wields a weapon which would be awesome (assault rifle and sword?). She canonically defies gravity anyways, she is a real soldier (I'm looking at you, Cloud) and she's incredibly badass.
  • Let's add Sora into the mix. And Riku. Hell, let's also put in Mickey for the Rule of Cool.
  • Monty has already suggested some characters here. Cloud and Vincent are confirmed, so one wonders when will the others appear as well.
  • Shiki Misaki.

Future battles in the series will include...
  • Cloud and Yuna fighting Hayate. Why? Well, Hayate hurt Tifa, and if Cloud finds that out, I rather doubt he'll take it well. And Yuna would probably back him up.
  • Naminé vs. Momiji is all but confirmed. Following on that, it wouldn't be too outlandish to have Kairi vs. Ryu Hayabusa going on as well.
    • Kairi vs Ryu is somewhat comfirmed. Kairi transforms into Naminé, who outclasses Momiji, who gets saved by Ryu. Oh, and Vincent Valentine appears. Hell,yeah!
  • Hayate VS Hitomi might very well become the first example of in-fighting in Team DOA. She did look pretty pissed at the end of DFV, and she might want answers to what the whole conspiracy thing is about. Hayate would very likely have at least some plot-important information, as he seems to be in the loop about what Helena's after and seemed almost guilty about his part in it at the end of DFV.
  • At least one character against Organization 13. ALL of them. At the same time. Because it would be awesome.

Dead Fantasy's version of Rinoa is actually Monty's concept for a Kingdom Hearts Rinoa.
She got trapped in Radiant Garden as a small child when the Heartless took over, but some Kingdom Hearts version of Hyne gave her sorceress powers that allowed her to survive. She's so much stronger in Dead Fantasy than she is in Final Fantasy VIII because she's had the majority of her life to master her powers and learn how to fight with her weapons, unlike the original Rinoa who didn't have much combat experience pre-game and only had a disc and a half to get used to being a sorceress. She carries a gunblade in honor of Squall, the same way "Leon" has her emblem stitched onto the back of his jacket in Kingdom Hearts to remember her. She's able to teleport people around because transporting herself the heck away from the Heartless without the help of a gummi-ship would logically be the first thing she'd learn to do with her powers. And, of course, this would be the reason why she showed up with Kairi.

Tifa has one more, very big deal, materia left.
Go to Dead Fantasy V, 01:23 and look at Hitomi's legs to see how materia look when clothing is covering them and dimming their glow. Now fastforward to 05:21, and look in the middle of Tifa's back, in an area otherwise in shadow. An area that not only still has her white shirt covering it, but which would have also had her leather overshirt over it if she were in a less advanced stage of Clothing Damage, which would probably have blocked any light from escaping at all and drawing attention to it in its out-of-the-way spot if anyone were ever, say, trying to knock every piece of materia out of her body.

I'm sure I don't need to remind everyone which materia glows white. Who's to say that a particular dead Cetra won't show up at some point?

  • As much as I hate to poop on the party, that's not materia. It's the fletching from one of those Annoying Arrows.
    • Except it doesn't resemble fletching at all.
      • You must need a higher res video of the scene, not only can you see it's definitely a fletching you can even see the black line that's the shaft leading up. Then re-watching the views beforehand, you can clearly see there is an arrow with a fletching sticking out at her lower back. It would have been a cool idea but you can very clearly see it's an arrow in the higher res videos.
      • Really, one wonders why Tifa would have taken a beating like that if she had access to the white materia to begin with.
      • Though after looking closer I do sadly agree that it's an arrow, if it had been the white materia it wouldn't have made any difference in the fight since it's a pretty big point in FFVII that it doesn't do jack squat unless you're trying to use it against something it agrees is a major threat to the planet. But it would have been a big ace in the hole if it turned out that Hayate's group (or some yet unknown enemy) are up to anything major enough to activate it.
  • Or maybe it's not the white materia, but... KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND!

Team Dead or Alive are villains, or at least more evil than team Final Fantasy.
Flame bait, I know, but think about it. Team DOA always goes for battles where they outnumber their opponents. They're the ones who zerg rush with ninjas, and in parts one and two, a new team mate of theirs would show up and unbalance the fight until another Final Fantasy character showed up and made things even. And in a fair fight with no numerical advantages, it seems the Final Fantasy crew get the edge.Also, it seems the DOA faction has an army of ninjas, while FF doesn't have any sort of army of Mooks.
  • I thinks so too. Wondering what the FF Mooks would be. SOLDIERs? SEEDs?
  • I think not so much. While Team DOA did outnumber Team FF for half of DF I and a third of DF II, at the end of DF II Team FF outnumbered Team DOA (though that probably wasn't necessary, given how much of a curbstomping Rinoa alone gives them). Also, there was a "fair fight" all the way through III, and Hitomi clearly won. Sure, Hayate had his ninjas Zerg Rush Tifa, but he only directly attacked her once, when she got dangerously close to hitting him. Judging from the interactions between Helena, Hayate and Hitomi, I'd guess that Helena and/or DOATEC are the villains, and they "convinced" Hayate to work for them, though how is unknown at this time. As for why exactly the two teams are fighting at all, it seems likely that Team FF were somehow transported into the DOA universe (case in point: DOATEC exists and Helena has access to all their resources), and Team DOA is simply assuming them to be invaders. In short, territorial instinct at work. No clear villains. It explains why Ryu and Momiji are investigating, as the Hayabusa Clan seems to be dedicated to dealing with supernatural threats to the world.

Helena and Hayate attempt to obtain DNA for an army of fighter clones.
They have somehow caught wind of their universe intersecting with FF multiverse, so they set out to capture the FF fighters for studies. Having tested the cloning technique on Kasumi, they've first captured Tifa because she seems to be the most powerful fighter after Rinoa. Rinoa herself, though, is out of their reach and is quite possibly their primary opponent in all this. Helena seems to be the mastermind, and Hayate, reluctantly The Dragon, but the rest of the DOA cast is not in on their plan, though Hitomi, for instance, trusts Helena (for whatever reason) so much, she lets go of her grudge against Hayate when she arrives.

In response to the army of ninjas, the FF team will unleash an army of Tonberries.
After all, how better to balance out a team of incredibly fast, teleporting ninjas than with a race of creatures who can laugh off a sword to the face and shank your kneecaps in retaliation?

Fighting professional killers? Everyone's Grudge/Karma!

And of course, it would be awesome.

It's all part of Rinoa's plan
Rinoa probably teleported all the girls in the arena. Why the girls? Because she knew the guys would follow them for nay reason(Chronic Hero Syndrome/Always Save the Girl, etc.) She separated team Final Fantasy knowing that they were weaker. She wanted Tifa to lose, because she knew Helena would take her to the headquarters and help, so Tifa could infiltrate easier. Whatever Rinoa wants the DOA characters are trying to protect, so also goes with what Monty Oum said,"it's not about who wins", so there are not really good or bad sides. She's probably trying to stop something from happening. Rinoa also seems to be Author Appeal judging (possibly wrongly) by the fact that she overwhelmed everyone in Episode 2 and the fact that she has the best fanart (if Transient Princess says anything) by Monty.

Kairi's fighting style will make use of itself in the future
Specifically Naminé's, because it's too awesome to lose.

Kairi/Naminé is actually Xion.
Given the fact that Xion can take on different forms by canon, this could be possible. The way Kairi just changed into Naminé like... well, we might just see Xion sometime in the future installments. (Yes, I'm crossing my fingers).
  • Well, Kairi, Naminé, Xion are the same person after all.
  • Yes, but Kairi and Naminé don't share a body is what I mean. They're two separate beings and can't take the forms of each other. I think Xion can take both their forms if she wants to. This could also explain why Naminé has keyblade-like wings and acts a bit like a Boss in Mook's Clothing from Kingdom Hearts.
  • Well, technically, we don't know that Kairi and Naminé can't take each other's forms, considering that, by the end of Kingdom Hearts II, they are sharing a body, as Naminé has rejoined with Kairi. The Keyblade wings are most likely a case of Rule of Cool. That said, one could possibly say that Kairi is just using her version of Final Form, given the power level and the fact that she's already used Valor. Just as Sora's Final Form incorporates aspects of Roxas (multiple keyblades, for example), Kairi takes it Up to Eleven by simply becoming Naminé in uber-powerful form.
  • Xion is a doll. If anyone is a separate being from Kairi/Naminé, it would be Xion.

Kairi becoming Namine is not a free action
There's got to be a snag to power that big, and her expression in the preview when she used it almost seemed reluctant.Not to mention it involves her literally swapping places with her own nobody, which is a pretty fundamental change.

The story will eventually have a Big Bad Duumvirate in the form of Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive villains
And, as per the rules of "Let's You and Him Fight" Crossovers, the heroes of the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive universes will keep beating each other up until the villains move in for the kill, thus forcing the heroes of both worlds to form an Enemy Mine, and fight the Big Bad Duumvirate. It's probably best not to speculate any further until the future episodes drop some more hints, but I would at least put my money on Sephiroth and Alpha-152 showing up, being the most iconic One Winged Angels for their respective series.

Due to Author Existence Failure, Dead Fantasy will never be finished.
Since Monty Oum passed away, we're never going to see Dead Fantasy finish, especially since he stated he intended on finishing it once RWBY was done.

Alternately, someone else will finish it by using what he left behind.


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