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Bubsy's reality runs on several levels, both real and not real simultaneously. Both Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and Furbitten Planet indicate these are sci-fi epics. The plot indicates the events of these games actually happen in Bubsy's reality, yet they are also movies being filmed as part of Bubsy's film career. This would imply the alien plots do not actually happen in Bubsy's reality, and yet they do. From the alien's perspective, these events actually happen. This is not a film series to them. So what is going on?


Three of the games have the word in as in, Bubsy is in the movie, as a movie star acting out the events of the game, which are perceived as a movie in someone's perspective. Not the audience's perspective, because these games are clearly games and not movies from our perspective. The title of Bubsy II indicates not only a game sequel, but a movie sequel. And Fractured Furry Tales? Bubsy is starring in these games, but to who?

Either the game developers, or some as yet unrevealed entity working on a meta-narrative level, is clearly messing with Bubsy. Promised fame and fortune, Bubsy is willing to "star" in these movies. But we, the audience, know they are not movies at all.

They are missions designed for Bubsy to infiltrate the planet Rayon and defeat the Woolies, by convincing Bubsy he is an actor, while the events are actually happening. Bubsy is told his time fighting the Woolies is just part of a film in his career, which the player can clearly see is not the case. Bubsy is actually killing these creatures under the delusion that this is all part of a movie.


The cartoon presents further themes of altering reality based on perception. And in fact, Bubsy's limited perception, his arrogance, does allow him to commit great harm to his Armadillo friend.

So why would these beings care, if Bubsy is just a cartoon character in a cartoon world reality? Because Bubsy is a cartoon character in a cartoon world reality. He is encouraged to go on suicide missions where he can die in horrifying ways due to the laws of cartoon physics, but he cannot truly die, making Bubsy the ultimate unwitting super soldier.


Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

There will be a Take That! to Bubsy 3D, or the cartoon, or some other low point in Bubsy's history.
Bubsy has always been a fan of Breaking the Fourth Wall, so maybe even he'll be ashamed of his past. Maybe he'll even tell the players that he wants this game to be great for them, in hopes that they'll forgive him. Hopefully the game itself is good so that Bubsy can redeem himself...

If the game has voice acting, JonTron will voice a character.
Since he lost his chance to do it in Yooka-Laylee, maybe he'll get to do it in this 90's video game revival.

There will be a reference to Sonic Forces.
Specifically, to the teaser that featured a then-unknown character who was thought to be Bubsy, but turned out to be a character made in the game's character customizer.

Bubsy's voice actor in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
It's Mike Pollock.

Bubsy: The Woolies strike back was made to cash in on Sonic Forces hype
Sonic Forces OC pretty much revived the Bubsy franchise literally overnight so now Accolade is trying to cash in after Sonic made Bubsy relevant again.
  • Seems unlikely. Could they really have put together everything in that gameplay footage, even if just for a quick teaser, in such a short time?
  • I find it unlikely as well, but for different reasons. Bubsy was bought by another company two years ago and they tested the waters with a Steam Greenlight release in 2015, which was more or less two legal SNES ROMs and an emulator, but successful enough to greenlight the 2017 game.

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