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Season's three storyline
  • It'll involve witches. Clues about season three are hidden in "The Name Game". The song "I Put A Spell On You" plays, so season three will be about witches. Maybe even Salem or New Orleans.
    • I myself thought maybe a Circus, given that it'll be filmed in multiple cities.
    • It's apparently gonna be called "Coven" so it's possible
      • Confirmed!
  • The third season will focus on or feature creepy child Jenny, who had a one-shot appearance in "The Origins of Monstrosity", now a full-fledged serial killer played by an adult actress.
Misty is the new Supreme
  • She seems to have pretty powerfull necromancer powers, and she felt Zoe's magic from afar. Plus, a supreme is supposed to have a glowing health.... she survived from being burned alive!
    • Has been brought up as a possibility in show. Right now it seems like a toss-up between her and Zoe.
Related to the above WMG — Fiona isn't seeking to prolong her youth.
  • She's seeking to prolong her reign as Supreme. If there's a new Supreme in every generation, and her own daughter is a grown woman teaching the newest batch of witches, she's already far overstaying her welcome. Perhaps the new Supreme can only emerge in the fullness of her powers after the last one's died or ceased to be vital, and rather than kill the candidates as they appear she's opted to knuckle down and either actually maintain her status as Supreme by prolonging her life and vitality, or discourage candidates who might be tempted to off her (or to perceive her as old and useless, close to death) by looking young and vital.
    • Possibly Jossed, at least in regards to Fiona not killing other Supreme candidates. In an interview, Ryan Murphy mentions that in the third episode Fiona kills one of the girls, under suspicion of her being the next Supreme.
      • And this Jossing is now itself Jossed — Fiona does suspect her of being the new Supreme but rather tries to be killed by her, having herself killed the previous Supreme of her age. Who knows what killing a developing Supreme will do for the negative effects that's had on her health (sending her immune system into freefall) but a quest to kill all potential Supremes isn't out of the question.

Stevie Nicks will appear
  • Misty is a huge fan of her, and Stevie's supposedly a witch. Maybe she'll show up later in the season to help out or something.
    • Confirmed by Ryan Murphy.

Nan's the next Supreme
  • I don't think it was Madison. Fiona's probably still going to be dying and then it'll be revealed Nan's next in line to be the Supreme.
    • Nan has Down's Syndrome...Does that count as her not being in perfect health? I'm honestly not sure if the whole perfect health thing includes chromosomes.
  • Jossed either way; Nan gets killed by Fiona and Marie.

Why is Hank Foxx so accepting of his wife's witch status?
  • Because he's a warlock.
    • Jossed, he's a witch hunter
The Ramseys are witch hunters
  • Because why not? After all, they must have some relation to the plot; something more than Luke as a love interest and his mom hating all the girls. Not to mention, how does a single mother afford such a nice (and probably historical) house in New Orleans? And they did show up at a convenient time, didn't they? Right after a mysterious bus crashing and the sudden, inexplicable death of a hospital patient. Also, Luke seems plenty old enough to live on his own (though I suppose it could be Dawson Casting). Why is he living with his mom? If they hunt witches together, it would make perfect sense.
    • Well, now that they're both dead, we'll probably never know.

Madison was not the next Supreme
  • Anna-Leigh, the previous Supreme, said that skilled witches could have up to five powers. Madison's blossoming pyrokinesis was just her growing more powerful and not a sign that she was the next Supreme. Fiona killed her for nothing.
    • *spooky voice* Then who is the next supreme? DUN DUN DUN! I'd go with Zoe because she is the main character and if she's not the next supreme, then why is she even in this story? But there's always Misty Day. After all, we know zombies are a major part of this and Misty is a necromancer...
    • Confirmed. She had a heart murmur, and budding Supremes have perfect health.

Spalding is Cordelia's father
  • He confessed to Fiona that he was in love with her and cut out his tongue to keep her secret so it makes sense.

Zoe is the next Supreme
It's almost too obvious to be true.
  • Still it is worth listing the reasons:
    • She is a main actress/character with her own story arc.
    • It is implied that she has some control over fire.
    • This enters in Unfortunate Implications territory, but it is said that the next supreme shows signs of great health. With Maddison dead, this makes Zoe healthier among the candidates.
    • Her powers might be blossoming and growing strong and no one would be aware since she spends most of her time dealing with Franken Kyle shenanigans.
    • It's also implied that Supremes are ruthless and do anything to protect their own. The fact that she would rape Madison's rapist to death and took the lead when the zombies attacked are the most reckless/bravest things anyone besides Fiona has done on the show. Like Fiona, she has a clear head and takes action when necessary (even if that action is fucked up or hurts more people in the long run.)
    • Whatever Zoe did to stop Marie Laveau's zombie ritual is a pretty strong indication of some kind of power we haven't really seen or labeled yet. Even Marie herself says whoever did it was very powerful.

Myrtle threw acid on Cordelia
Blinded with rage, she wanted to get back at Fiona somehow.

Joan threw acid on Cordelia
Counterpart to the above WMG, and related to the Witchhunter idea.
  • Jossed; Hank's father claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hank is posssessed by a demon that hates women

He was possessed by a demon during his fertility ritual with Cordelia in 3x02 and the demon is using his body to carry out some kind of misogynist murder spree.

Hank is a Witchhunter
  • He's working a deep cover assignment with Cordelia
    • Possibly slipping her something to prevent her from conceiving.
  • He also travels about seducing and killing other Witches, like the woman he was shown cheating with.
  • To add to this, being Cordelia's husband puts him in the perfect position to get to Fiona. Taking out a supreme would be quite the win for a witch hunter community. And Fiona is clearly suspicious of him; could be some foreshadowing.
    • Confirmed in "The Axeman Cometh"

Hank is an assassin
  • While Hank travels a lot, he really uses his so called job as a cover to travel from place to place to kill people and his mistress that he shot was really a contract kill that he seduced to let her guard down.

The Doctor has something to do with the acid thrown at Cordelia
He's in the hospital and talks to Fiona twice, trying to help both of them. Maybe he's not the bad guy here, but it's a little odd how he appeared twice and talked to Fiona. They could have just used another actor for episode 6, but they chose him.
  • Also, the treatment he was giving Fiona seemed to mess with her powers.

Madison WAS the next Supreme
Cordelia lied about it to save Fiona's skin.
  • Madison apparently believes she still has a chance at being Supreme, according to a preview, so it's possible.
  • Apparently coming back from the dead has cured Madison's heart murmur; this is why she thinks she still has a shot at being the next Supreme. Who knows?
  • Surprise bitch, she's still very much a contender.

Not only Zoe is the next Supreme, but she will become much alike Fiona by the end of the season
As something of a tragic story. Zoe will lose her innocence (she already is) and become more cynical. She already has a disturbing minion in the shape of Kyle.
  • Well, her competition keeps dying, so it's looking more and more possible.

Fiona will give her life for Cordelia
She's already made it clear how much she cares for Cordelia. It'll be her moment of redemption. Probably during a fight with Marie Laveau.

Myrtle and Luke belong to the church that burned Misty
In fact they are her mother and brother.
  • Why?
  • It'd mean that Misty saving Luke's mom was pretty noble in hindsight. But I assume you meant Joan and not Myrtle?

Delphine will make an alliance with the Corporation
Someone took pictures of Hank's body in Marie's salon, so someone must have been there to check everyone had been throroughly killed. Delphine's body and talking head are found, and after she pleads that she was cursed and only wants to die, she offers to give intel to the hunters on Marie and the witches from Miss Robichaux. They rebuild her, also?

Nan will kill Luke's mother.
As the YMMV page may mention, Nan is the only one not to have killed a person with seemingly no guilt, along with Cordelia. Since it looks like Joan was trying to kill her son, it might be the breaking point for her and she loses her innocence.
  • Confirmed.

Joan will kill Nan.
She is the only one that isn't mentioned in the 3x11 or 3x12 synopsis, and in the 3x11 synopsis it's said that the Coven will mourn one of their own, not to mention her actress seems the only one not to be at the funeral mentioned above. Plus, the synopsis says that Nan will confront Joan about Luke's death, and seeing as the woman was crazy enough to kill her son right there in the hospital it's definitely not going to end well.
  • Jossed: Nan kills Joan and Fiona and Marie kill Nan.

Queenie is dead, but will be back as a ghost.
The line about Cordelia having to appease an angry Queenie might be because she is dead and in ghost form after being shot by Hank.
  • Jossed; Queenie is just alive... because.

is the Supreme.

And the heartbreaking task she will have to do is kill her mother so she can rise as the new Supreme.

  • Half Jossed, Half Confirmed. Cordelia IS the new Supreme, but the heartbreaking act is burning Myrtle at the stake.

Fiona is still alive

Fiona created a false memory or vision for Cordelia to read from the Axe-Man so that way the Supreme candidates can be narrowed down during the Seven Wonders and she can kill whoever passes all the tests and is determined as the next Supreme.

  • Confirmed, however by the time it's discovered Cordelia is the new Supreme, Fiona is already too weak to kill her and shortly after confronting Cordelia, Fiona dies from her disease.

Hank was originally supposed to be played by Dylan McDermott

But they couldn't get him back for whatever reason. It would make sense, as McDermott was in the previous two series while Josh Hamilton is only a newcomer. Also: all the meta-level Squick of having McDermott going from playing Sarah Paulson's son to her husband.

  • This Troper's boyfriend actually thought that Hank was being played by Dylan McDermott the first time he saw him, and the resemblance is pretty strong. Plus, many of the characters somehow reference their actors' earlier roles within the show, and since Ben was having an affair and Johnny was a fanatical serial murderer of women, an adulterous witch-hunter would have been an obvious next place to go with McDermott. I can't help but feel that the resemblance to McDermott was deliberately played up, even if he was never really expected to play the role himself.

Fiona swapped bodies with Myrtle

In the episode 'Go To Hell' there's a reference to the movie The Skeleton Key and maybe Fiona took a page from that movie and swapped bodies with Myrtle and is planning to watch the Seven Wonders test and then swap bodies with the next Supreme, whoever she turns out to be. The idea that it's Myrtle she swapped bodies with comes from the fact that Fiona was taken by surprise by the Axeman when he killed her as if she had just been there, and spoke her last sentence in a Myrtle-like way. Also, Myrtle is the only one who isn't dead in Cordelia's vision and isn't seen, so maybe when Cordelia sees Fiona as the killer she's seeing her actual face, not the body she hides in.

It's a reach, but what if?

Kaylee is the Supreme.

Maybe she wasn't killed when Hank shot her, or at least, she didn't stay dead. She had pyrokinesis, maybe she gained the ability to resurrect herself, like a Phoenix?

  • Jossed.

The Supreme is going to be a male character.

Everybody says that 'nobody will expect the new Supreme' but so far everyone is expecting it to be one of the main female characters, even including Myrtle. The Supreme being a male character would definitely be unexpected, and it's not like this season didn't show us that RM isn't above using Twist Endings to storylines.

  • Jossed.

Misty can still come back.
She survived being burned at the steak. We don't know if her body was intact or if she was completely ash. (Granted, the fire would have to be really hot, but there's no reason to assume they didn't keep at it to cover their bases. So she could one day break out of her hell, and create a new body, rising from the ashes. As for why she could bring herself back without a body, and not others? Because bringing herself back is integral for her survival, and reviving others is just a courtesy. I know I'm reaching for it, but please.
  • Her particular hell involves the continuous using of her reviving power, maybe the fact that she is channeling over and over can build up a effect over time?

Misty is the Supreme, but for the next generation.
She'll come back from her personal Hell just as the previous guess said, but only after a long, long time has passed. And her coming back from Hell would mean she succeeded in Descensum, albeit in a different way than it would normally be done.

Myrtle was hoping to kill Madison during the Seven Wonders
The tests normally go from easiest, to deadliest. Considering Divination came near-last and the worst Vitalum Vitalis seems to be is that you can't perform it, possibly trapping a person's soul with Descensum seems like something that would be reserved for the finals. My guess is, she was hoping to kill off Madison as fast as possible, due to her being a threat to the other witches' safety, and for that stunt with Kyle. If she succeeded, then they could do the rest of the competition without her. If not, at least they would be through another Wonder. If another witch died, it was a loss that would have probably been inevitable should they have reached the point where they had to perform Descensum again.

Stevie Nicks has the power to curse people with bad luck.
Notice how, after she wishes Misty (and later, her and the rest of the girls) good luck, something majorly bad happened to Misty? Stevie Nicks is also a friend of Fiona. She's using her powers to help kill off the coven for her ally.

The season is a scathing critique on modern feminism.
The witches are divided against each other, reflecting feminist views (like misandrists, Trans-Exclusives, radicals, and other variations.) The (mostly male) witch hunters represent people who are against feminism - some have good reasons for opposing them, like the fact that many pose a danger and shouldn't have so much power when they abuse it; others are just hateful and intolerant. The inherit issue with Fiona being Supreme is to show what modern-day womens' rights are when under a leader who is out of touch with society, and cares more about what she wants that what's actually good for her followers.

Lastly, Cordelia represents an idealized feminism, where they are not kept secret and have allied themselves with the rest of the world. They opened themselves up and got much in return. And she leads with kindness and love, rather than wrath and force. Sure, there could be problems down the line. But in the long run, she made everything better for the entire world.

  • Not really, since she only concerned herself with witches, ie women. Warlocks are still kept secret and hidden, like it's a shame, which makes the point that even an idealized feminism is still about helping women at the expense of men.
    • Cordelia never stated that nor did she imply such a thing. Considering there is only one warlock ever seen in the show it's very likely that there are warlocks but very few compared to witches. Aside from that due to the murkiness of the rules of the universe it's not really stated if witch refers to only women with powers exclusively or can refer to anyone with powers and there just happens to be a larger female demographic.
    • Both Nan and Marie, two very different witches from very different backgrounds, take swift and brutal vengeance on women who abuse men. Also, Fiona's cynical declaration that Witches are innately better than non-witches doesn't sit well with Zoe, who coddles Kyle.
  • The witches who trap and kill the Axe Man openly identify as Suffragists who think it's unjust for women and the men in their lives to live in fear. It's played for scares, but seems ideologically justified within the context of the story.

Madison is a direct descendant of Charles Montgomery from season 1.
Or maybe a great-great niece, or some other relation, because why not? It would be a nice way to tie "Murder House" and "Coven" together in the same manner as "Freak Show" and "Asylum".
  • The Montgomery baby was said to have been brought back in a similar way to Kyle, meaning that the family might be genetically predisposed to Necromancy.

The Seven Wonders isn't actually to determine who is the strongest witch thus making them the Supreme but rather who is most suited to be a leader.
Considering most of the witches can perform more than one of the seven wonders it's likely that they are performed to find a well rounded leader. Anyone who fails is thus proven not to be a right fit. For instance Misty being unable to escape her personal Hell proves that she is too soft/unable to have the sort of grit it would take to lead a coven. And Madison failing divination proved she was unable to see beyond herself and therefore couldn't make a good leader.

There are no Warlocks.
Quentain and Bartholomew are just token Muggles who serve on the Witches' council, possibly as an impartial voice to settle desputes and/or provide a Devil's Advocate perspective when dealing with threats from the ouside world. Men are chosen just to make sure a witch from a rival coven doesn't try and sneak in. Myrtle speculates on the existence of warlocks, but may have never actually met one. They also may be related to Spalding's family, who aren't witches, but have ties to the Coven. This is why Cecily is reffered to as a "sister witch" while Quentin is a "colleague".
  • Jossed in Apocalypse. They even had their own school.