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Fridge / American Horror Story: Coven

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  • If Fiona's hell is being married to the ax-man and if he truly has obtain heaven then it does make sense why Papa Legba says Fiona has no soul. The Axeman was basically a ghost given physical form from the witches. When he and Fiona were fooling around they both jokingly promised an eternity with each other. Fiona had already sold her soul to the Axeman who was spirit in physical form so Papa Legba didn't make a deal because Fiona had nothing to offer on the table for him to keep her in line.

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  • Marie Laveau gave Delphine a potion, and Delphine found it delicious. Later, Marie tells her that the vial was really full of Marie Laveau's tears. Of course Delphine would find a Black person's tears delicious, she lives to make slaves miserable.

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