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The next season will be either in an asylum or a prison.
We have to guess where the next season will take place since the place and all the characters will change, as Ryan Murphy already said it. It was said that their was going to be some clues about where the next season will take place in the episode "Birth". In this episode, Billie Dean says about spirits: "You see it all the time in places like prisons or asylums. Negative energy feeds on trauma and pain. It draws those things to it." In the same episode, Violet talks about a prison as a metaphor, and, finally, there's a flash of someone on an electric chair. Of course, there are several other places mentionned in this episode where the second season could take place, but honestly, a prison/asylum seems the coolest.
  • Confirmed

One of the characters in Season 2 will turn out to be a grown-up Michael (Vivien's surviving twin, the anti-Christ being raised by Constance)
I know that it's going to be a completely new cast, location and story, but I can't shake the feeling that there is going to be some crossover/continuity, even if it is just a minor nod to the fact that it all takes place in the same universe. The birth of the anti-Christ is surely a pretty big deal, after all. Hard to ignore for long, one would think.
  • Jossed. The next season will be set in 1960, so unless Michael has a time machine.....
    • Further Jossed, as even though a good portion of the season is present day, he does not show up.

Seth Wosmer became a mass school shooter (ie: Tate).
Theory 1: Since Seth leaves sometime in season 1 he could've moved to LA. Constance seems like the kind of person who would tell him he'd own people later in his life. He also could've wanted to start over at his new school so he died his hair blonde and changed his name to hide the humiliation of his past nerdyness. All of the stuff happened at home making him snap.

Theory 2: Seth hangs out around Phil a lot in season 1. He accidentally found some of his time travel stuff and transported back to the 80s and become younger where Constance, wanting another child, took him in. She died his hair so he could look more like her actual son, named him Tate because he was too young to remember his name/care, and raised him as her own. When he's growing up he has 2 lives in his head which would be too confusing to almost anyone. He still had his previous intelligence (ex: Poetry and books about birds). From remembering 2 lives and everything at home or his tough 2nd upbringing combined with memories of everyone taunting him as a nerd in his 1st upbringing made him go mad/confused, thus the shooting.

The aliens experimented on Sister Jude and Monsignor Timothy Howard without them knowing which is why they're so messed up.
  • Seems likely, given the events of "Nor'easter".

The Science vs. Religion theme won't be resolved til the end, if that.
This seems to be a big theme this season, with both sides being presented as different sides of the same bad coin. I propose that, until the end (and even maybe not then) we won't know whether the "problem" is demons or aliens. Even the exorcism in episode 2 of Asylum could be seen as an alien doing. At least the cow killing could.
  • Jossed. Not resolved.
    • In fact, the aliens themselves could be more seen as representing faith than science, what with their miraculous appearances and resurrections...

Doctor Thredson survived an exorcism
When the possessed boy was brought to the asylum, the psychiatrist reacted quite strongly to the circumstances. When faced with the possessed boy, the demon seemed to recognize him and mentioning giving him up before. It's entirely possible that he was possessed by the demon as a child and then abandoned by his family, destroying his faith. His strong belief in science may be a coping mechanism after surviving such trauma.
  • Jossed. Previews for his origin story seem to show Abusive Parents with subsequent psychosis.

Doctor Thredson is actually investigating Briarcliff itself.
While he is sent to evaluate Kit's sanity on paper, he may have been also sent by either the Church or another party to discreetly investigate Briarcliff and its staff for some other unnamed purpose, given his interest in how Briarcliff treats its patients.
  • Jossed. He's really there to frame Kit for the murders.

Mary Eunice is actually the girl Sister Jude ran over in the past.
She could have survived the encounter and when the demon possessed Mary Eunice, began exploiting this fact to drive Sister Jude mad.
  • Jossed. The little girl is a completely different character and is still alive.

Doctor Thredson is The Antichrist.
It's only when he shows up in Briarcliff that everything starts going off the rails. The demon that possessed Jed and Mary Eunice recognized him. The doctor was also unusually stoic when checking up on Wendy on Lana's behalf and seemed to like annoying Sister Jude.
  • Jossed. Different reason entirely why the demon recognized him and for his stoicness. See below.

Doctor Thredson is also possessed
He did try to use CPR to revive Jed and may have come in contact with part of the demon. Could explain his unusually calm demeanor when talking Lana and recapping what he saw. He's also never seen together with Mary Eunice.
  • Jossed. Different reason entirely why he was so calm speaking to Lana. See below.

The aliens are actually spying on Dr. Arden.
Using Kit as a tool, they're going to keep tabs on Dr. Arden and maybe abduct him in the end to experiment on him.
  • Jossed (at least the abduction part), as they could've taken Arden at the end of "Unholy Night" yet took Grace's body instead. Pepper reveals later that they were indeed watching him, though it was to make fun of him.

Dr. Thredson is really Sister Jude's long-lost son.
If the demon is right, Dr. Thredson was abandoned as a baby and given that Sister Jude's Dark and Troubled Past only mentioned her catalyst for entering a convent, why not throw in having a son out of wedlock?
  • Jossed. Sister Jude never had any children, as she was rendered sterile due to syphilis.

Bloody Face's identity
  • Confirmed to be Dr. Thredson.
  • However... the 2012 Bloody Face has blue eyes while Thredson has brown eyes and would be too old in the present, meaning there's a high chance there's two. So who's the 2012 Bloody Face?
    • Confirmed in "The Coat Hanger" to be Lana and Thredson's Child by Rape, who also grew up in the foster system. "Spilt Milk" later confirms that Thredson has been dead for years and his Bloody Face activities have become public knowledge.

Season 2's asylum is connected to House of Leaves

Shelley, or the Asylum, is somehow involved in time travel
  • Shelley references Delta of Venus, a book that did not come out until 1978, in what is said to be 1964.
    • Jossed. Just a case of improper research.

Constance is a time lord
  • And the different seasons are her incarnations.
    • While not a Time Lord, the Angel of Death remarks that Sister Jude's 'song' is plaintive in relation to her previous 'song'. So there is apparently some confirmation of 'incarnations' of characters.
      • Those previous 'songs' are explicitly meant to be the other times Sister Jude wished for death - like when her fiancé left her shortly before their wedding day after giving her syphilis and when she hit a girl with her car and fled.

Kit's an alien breeder agent
  • His abduction is actually the aliens activating his sleeper protocols, to impregnate women in order to save their race.
    • Possibly Jossed, possibly not. We never actually find out why the aliens were so fascinated with Kit.

Kit is a relative of Fox Mulder's family
  • With James Wong as producer, all signs point to this theory. If not a relative, then he is the CSM.

Before the series is over...
  • Dr. Arden will be abducted by aliens and experimented on. We, the viewers, want to see him suffer after what he has done.
    • Jossed. He's not abducted, mainly because he cremates himself alive.

The little girl in The Origins of Monstrosity was...

The show is a fantasy by a syphilis-crazed Kit or Sister Jude
  • Both characters are confirmed as having syphilis, a disease that eventually reaches and slowly destroys the mind. The series, now, is a fantasy by Kit or Jude as they themselves are in the normal Briarcliff. All of the characters stand for someone they actually know in the real asylum.
    • Jossed. Both characters are survived by others, who still talk about the events as having actually happened. If any of it was a fantasy, it was Lana's, but there are no hints that this is the case.

Mary Eunice will be killed
  • Either Sister Jude or someone else will try to kill her in an attempt to kill the demon inside her, but at the last minute, the demon will jump to someone else, letting Sister Mary Eunice die as herself.
    • Half-Jossed, she is killed, but apparently so is the demon.

The Demon is also Present Day Bloody Face.
  • Once it got tired or forcibly removed from Mary Eunice, it jumped to Lana's baby, killing Lana when she gave birth. Could also explain the voices he's hearing.
    • Or alternatively, the demon brought Lana's baby back to life since the possessed Mary Eunice did touch Lana, and plans on using the baby as their next vessel.
    • The last shot of "Spilt Milk" is the cross hanging about Lana's bed as she feeds her baby, and from her perspective, it's inverted. The demon could have successfully jumped into the baby...
      • Jossed. The voices Johnny's hearing are likely caused by his drug use.

Anne Frank was really Anne Frank
  • She created the Charlotte identity as a way of suppressing her traumatic memories from the Holocaust, so much that her husband never found out. Seeing her diary reemerge triggered all those memories and led her to Arden, who she had correctly identified as Gruper.
    • [[spoiler: Confirmed. She really was Anne Frank and was telling the truth. Dr.Arden was really the Nazi as seen in Anne/Charlotte's last episode after her lobotomy. (A picture on the memorial shows a young Arden in Nazi uniform behind none other than Adolf Hitler.) What makes it worse is that Anne seems to still have her real memories as she is seen flinching after her husband talks to her but realises now she can't tell the truth anymore because no one will believe her.
"You look happy my darling. Are you as happy as you look?Anne teary eyed: "Yes...I'm happy"
  • Also a tearjerker when the husband mentions 'I have to admit, we've had people mention similarities and the way she DOES look like Anne.' ]]]

Johnny Morgan is actually Ben Harmon
  • Morgan got his life together at some point and will eventually go to medical school for either psychology, or fail at surgical school and fall back on psychology as a means for him to be like his father. It also explains why Ben is so adamant about having a normal family in the first season, and also helps to explain the troubled past that he mentions to Tate in season 1.
  • Alternate theory: Ben Harmon is actually Johnny Morgan from an alternate timeline, where he was adopted and raised by the Harmons. And while Ben is not perfect, he has managed to not be a Bloody Face copycat.

Johnny is going to meet his parents.
  • Since the aliens are real and an on-set photo of all three actors in the Briarcliff ruins have been leaked, the aliens are going to abduct him and transport him back to time to see what his parents were truly like. Or maybe the ruins of the asylum cause him to have visions of their ghosts.
    • Jossed. No alien involvement, and (as stated by Ryan Murphy before the season even began) there were no ghosts. His visions of them are hallucinations. However, confirmed in that he does get to meet his mother. Unfortunately, he does not survive that meeting.

Lana shooting Johny was all a pre-death dream
  • Johnny shoots her and she hallucinates that she killed him, when actually he shot her as soon as she started talking about him.

The entire season was a work of fiction produced by Lana
  • This is one way of looking at that ending. You can interpret it as an ironic foreshadowing of Jude and Lana's trials over the course of the series, ORRR you could see it as something that happened in "Real Life", followed by Lana, scared off by the crazy Nun, walking away and deciding to become a horror-fiction writer rather than a reporter. You can even see how the light reflecting in Jude's eyes in that line "Evil's gonna look right back at you" could have inspired Sister Mary Eunice and the Demon.

The aliens and the demon will return in a future season.
These two forces seem to me to have far too much potential to just be in a single season and involved in a massive Gambit Pileup. Either of them or both could easily be the main part of the conflict in a future season, with connection being the strange experiments the aliens are doing are actually them finding measures to combat the Demon. Or something similar.
  • God/the angels seem to also have a vested interest in "conflict". The Angel of Death was not openly hostile toward the demon, but she did express dislike and disgust. She also didn't seem to approve or disapprove of the aliens. When she took Grace's life, and the aliens brought Grace back, Shachath never seemed upset or even worried. Possibly the aliens are on God's side, or simply angels that fail to take A Form You Are Comfortable With.
    • The place they take you when you're "abducted" could easily be Heaven. Bright white lights, miracle resurrections, impossible healing, non-sexual pregnancies, and the fact that the children created by the "aliens" are supposed to be some kind of messiahs. The aliens could easily be angels orchestrating the Second Coming.

Arden invents HIV.

  • His plan to create an immuno booster backfired and instead of creating the virus that attacks the immune system and cause AIDS. Tuberculosis is one of the most deadly infections people with HIV can contract connecting it further and explaining why tuberculosis is so difficult to detect in HIV patients.

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