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Visual Novel / Harem Party

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Playing Eastern RPGs can be dangerous at times, and it's not just the addiction and eye weariness that threatens the player. It's all nice and well to slaughter helpless Mooks while getting all worked up over the female protagonist, but what would you do if the Big Bad comes up with a plan to infiltrate the real world and subsequently take it over, killing you in the process? If you think this would be easy, then Moriuji Haru, the protagonist of Harem Party, begs to differ!

Every situation has its bright sides, though. In this case, alongside the Demon Lord came the entire adventuring party that is hell-bent on preventing him from completing his deed of villainy and kicking him back to the world of pixels where he belongs. Moreover, they treat Haru as the Ideal Hero, their master and deity, and would serve him willingly. Did we mention that they are all cute girls?

Harem Party is a Japanese-translated-to English 2D eroge released by Manga Gamer. The protagonist and five female characters from a generic fantasy game try to track down an evil Demon Lord which slipped into the real world, in the meantime fighting off his terrible... er, hilarious minions and engaging in all sorts of sexual acts. While the plot is silly to the point of frustration, it is not exactly why this game is played for.


  • Big Bad: The Demon Lord, who escapes the game world and will stop at nothing to conquer the real world for himself, including sending a giant teddy bear to destroy the protagonist's school.
  • Lucky Charms Title: The title is commonly rendered as "Harem★Party".
  • Refugee from TV Land: The entire premise is an all-female cast of a fantasy video game jumping out of the main character's PC. The positive: he can bed them all, often at the same time. The negative: the game's antagonist, an evil god, escaped to reality as well.
  • Take Over the World: The aim of the Demon Lord, unsurprisingly.