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  • Gorillaz: Driven by greed and desperation, psychotic bassist Murdoc slowly became more unhinged with the Plastic Beach arc. He rants and raves aimlessly in his radio broadcasts and seems to be loosing his grasp on reality, and he no longer bothers to hide his criminal activity and blatant abuse of his "friend" 2D. The 'villain' term might be a little iffy, as Murdoc's still more of a Nominal Hero than anything, but he's definitely got some decay going.
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  • The sadistic autocrat in Judas Priest's "Tyrant", who starts out as a ranting megalomaniac and becomes more barbaric as the song rolls along, until in the final verse he senselessly has all his own soldiers executed. Made all the more effective, of course, by Rob Halford's lunatic screams.
  • Happens twice near the end of the original studio recording of Starlight Express:
    • Electra has a very musical one in "No Comeback" before he exits.
    • Control screams, "ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! ENGINES MUST OBEY CONTROL! DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!", only to be rebuffed by all the trains and carriages with a "SHUT IT!" in unison.
  • The entire basis of "We Build Then We Break" by The Fray is this.
  • "Almost Human" by Voltaire is one for Satan. He turns out to be so pathetic you have to feel sorry for him.
    I'm nearly human,
    pity me, I'm almost a human being.
    Don't touch me, oh,
    I couldn't bear the thought of it..


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