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Rest up, little Bantam. You have a long journey ahead of you.

Vivid Conceptions is a 2006 Platform Game, starring a tiny prehistoric creature known as a "Bantam". One of the few survivors of an insect-perpetrated massacre of his peaceful race, he seeks out the traditional meeting place of the Bantams in order to rejoin with his peers and repopulate his species.

The Bantam has several special powers: forcefield, telekinesis, and the most characteristic one—the ability to spawn forth tiny baby Bantams to do errands for him. It is with these powers, and of course traditional platforming skills, that the Bantam must make his way through grim grasslands and gloomy meadows, facing insects and powerful bosses along the way.

Like all games created by Vertigo Games, it is a polished audiovisual spectacle. Download it here.

The game displays examples of

  • Deadly Force Field: The bubble-like "Telekinetic Shield" is the main character's method of attack. When activated, it destroys nearby enemies and fragile blocks.
  • Deflector Shields: The Bantam can create a telekinetic shield around himself. It's actually used as a weapon, as it kills or harms nearby bugs, and gets rid of destructible blocks.
  • Beneath the Earth: Where the Bantam civilization dwelled, and where the game takes place.
  • Checkpoint: Every time you collect enough seeds to gain a new ability is a checkpoint.
  • Creepy Centipedes: One of the bosses.
  • Dream Sequence: The occasional dream level, made up of abstract and complex platforming puzzles.
  • Last of His Kind
  • Level Goal: Represented by a red flag, like the one seen in the Bantam village in the intro (presumably, they've been left behind to indicate the right way to the meeting spot).
  • Mind over Matter: The Bantam has telekinesis, which he uses to move crates for jumping puzzles.
  • No Name Given: Apart from "the Bantam", the protagonist is nameless.