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Hexceed is a Puzzle Game for computers running Windows released in 2021. It's a modern version of Minesweeper, though there are hexagons instead of squares and the levels are no longer randomly generated. Additionally, some mechanics change how the number on a hex affects others, like walls that block them off or shields that are revealed once you flagged enough dangerous tiles. There are many options that let the player customise the difficulty and experience, a 30-track soundtrack, and DLC being released over the course of 2021.


This game provides examples of:

  • Antepiece: If a puzzle in Tutorial Isle introduces a mechanic, it typically does so by showing it in a harmless environment first. In one puzzle of this sort, you see a red arrow tile early on, which shows a 0. In the same puzzle, you come across another red arrow tile that has a 1 shortly afterward, though the hexes near them help figure out how it works exactly, and you can always highlight it as well.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: If you don't fully understand how a feature works, you can highlight a hex to show which other hexes its number covers.
  • Completion Meter: Each world has a completion percentage, based on the number of completed levels.
  • Cosmetic Award: There can be up to five trophies for each world, given for beating it on Hardcore Mode, not using the highlight feature, etc. Earning them is not necessary for Steam achievements.
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  • Downloadable Content: The game has twelve purchasable level packs planned for the year 2021, with one of them released each month. Each monthly pack costs 1$, but a yearly pass can be bought for 9$.
  • High-Tech Hexagons: The game uses hexagons and goes for a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Noob Cave: While you can visit level sets in any order, Tutorial Isle is the first on the list and the name suggests it's recommended for new players. It mainly introduces gameplay mechanics through simple puzzles, then tests the players skills once they get around 65% in.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Hardcore Mode doesn't let you make any mistakes, the level is restarted if one is made.
  • Playlist Soundtrack: The game's music randomly switches from one track to another once one of them finishes during gameplay. There are 30 tracks in the official soundtrack.
  • Tilesweeper: You click on a hexagonal tile to reveal numbers. Each number indicates how many hexagons are mines next to it. You have to mark all of them and uncover all safe hexagons to finish a level. There are also setpieces like walls and arrows that may change which tiles the numbers refer to.


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