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Yes, that's where some of Phoenix Games' output comes from
Familijny CD-Romek was a Polish series of educational games aimed at children produced and published in early 2000s by Longsoft Multimedia based in Wrocław and distributed on CD-ROM for Microsoft Windows.

The games consist of specially-produced animated and slightly modernised adaptations on popular children's literary works (especially the ones well-known in Poland)note , which are characterised by traditionally animated characters being put on CGI backgrounds and minigames, puzzles and activities related to the stories.

If you happen to be familiar in any way with Longsoft's adaptations (and you are from outside of Central and Eastern Europe), then you must have heard of the PlayStation 2 ports released by Phoenix Games in association with Aqua Pacific (yes, that's not their own original product), which are mainly characterised by their poor quality English dubs.

The games in the series, are:note 

  • Brzydkie kaczątko (The Ugly Duckling)
  • Czerwony kapturek (The Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Dziewczynka z zapałkami (The Little Match Girl)
  • Jaś i Małgosia (Hansel and Gretel)
  • Kopciuszek (Cinderella)
  • Królewna Śnieżka i Siedmiu Wspaniałych (Snow White and the Magnificient Seven, the English version's title was renamed to Snow White and the Seven Clever Boys probably to avoid a lawsuit from MGM.)
  • Królowa Śniegu (The Snow Queen)
  • Księżniczka na ziarnku grochu (The Princess and the Pea)
  • Nowe szaty cesarza (The Emperor's New Clothes)
  • Opowieść wigilijna (A Christmas Carol)
  • Pinokio (Pinocchio)
  • Piotruś Pan (Peter Pan)
  • Złota kaczka (The Golden Duck, a Polish folk tale)


These games provide examples of:

  • After the End / Exty Years from Now: Believe it or not, Longsoft's adaptation of The Little Match Girl is this according to its description.
  • Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation: Longsoft's adaptation of A Christmas Carol is this with Scrooge and Cratchit as a wolf and a rabbit respectively.
  • Art Shift: Some of games in the series deviate from the 2D characters/3D backgorunds combo for other art styles:
  • The Artifact: Remember that cartoony arrow which had to be moved with a controller on the PS2 ports? In the original PC version it was a cursor that was controlled with your mouse.
  • Conspicuous CG: See Art Shift for exceptions.
  • Values Dissonance: One of the boys in the Snow White adaptation is clearly a Blackface, which strangely was not considered offensive in Poland at the time the games were released.


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