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Video Game / Crisis in Alborz Galaxy

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Crisis in Alborz Galaxy was an Edutainment Game, released by EZ Solution Software in 1998 for PC and Mac.

In this game, you play as a young detective named MazMaz, who has been hired by Professor Magneton to find his missing assistant, Professor Rosspot, who has stolen key research material and needs to be brought to justice.

Crisis In Alborz Galaxy provides examples of:

  • Artificial Human: Schnook is a "Synthetically Constructed Humanoid with Numerous Obsolete, Obscure, and Contradictory Knowledge."
  • Chekhov's Gun: At one point you meet a man named Maurice who tells you of a black hole he's discovered. Guess where you have to send the secret weapon.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Schnook, who always makes you break a ridiculously simple math code before letting you in the ship, and tends to take old phrases and twist them around in really silly ways.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Professor Rosspot. Despite his villainous looks and his apparently shady actions, he is really trying to stop Professor Magneton from completing a deadly superweapon.
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  • Evil All Along: Professor Magneton
  • Guide Dangit: Figuring out where to send the doomsday weapon is a bit of a brain-wrecker. If you get stuck it's there in the manual, but it's a tiny bit of information that you wouldn't even know you would need.
  • It's a Wonderful Failure: Make the wrong decision at the end by either sending your own ship into a black hole, not doing anything about the doomsday device, or sending the doomsday device away but not sending it into a black hole, causes you to either die or be trapped forever. The game helpfully gives you text informing you so.
  • Multiple Endings: And all of them except one are bad. You can die via black hole, fail to stop the machine before it comes for you, think you have sent away the doomsday machine only to find it comes back and traps you, or you can successfully destroy it, thereby winning the game.