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There's probably at least one woman here too!

The Isle of Man (Manx: Ellan Vannin), also known as just Mann (Manx: Mannin), is a island and British Crown Dependency in Northern Europe, located between the United Kingdom and Ireland in the Irish Sea, being self-governing with the UK being responsible for defence of the territory. It has about 85,000 inhabitants.

The territory has been ranked by the World Bank as the 5th richest nation in the world, with insurance eGaming being its largest source of revenue, followed by ICT and banking. The government has also started promoting island locations for making films by offering financial support, leading to over 100 films being made on the island since 1995.

Manx, like Irish, is a branch of the Gaelic languages, with Gaelic cultural influence on the island dating back to the 5th century. For a large chunk of its history, this territory was ruled by Norway as the Kingdom of the Isles, until coming under Scottish rule with the Treaty of Perth in 1266. The island was then tossed back and forth between the Scottish and the English, until it finally came under the feudal lordship of the English Crown in 1399 and stayed with it under the British Crown, but the territory never became part of the UK proper.

This territory is notable for being the first national legislative body in the world to give women the right to vote in a general election, starting in 1881, though this didn't include married women, and being the first whole nation to be awarded biosphere reserve status by UNESCO in 2016.

The isle is also famous for the Tourist Trophy (TT), one of the most notorious (and dangerous) motorcycle race events in the world. It's held since 1907. To continue with the transport theme, it is also known for its narrow-gauge railways, the steam-powered Isle of Man Railway and the electric Manx Electric Railway, which were traditionally major means of transport but are now mostly tourist attractions.

It's also the birthplace of The Bee Gees, though the brothers moved to England during their childhood and later emigrated to Australia, where they began their music career. Their younger brother Andy Gibb lived on the island for a short time as a teenager, and formed his first band there before returning to Australia.

The Manx flag
The flag is a triskelion, an ancient symbol used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians, composed of three armoured legs with golden spurs (ny tree cassyn) upon a red background, based on the Manx coat of arms dating back to the 13th century.

The British National Anthem
God save our gracious King!
Long live our noble King!
God save the King!
Send him victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the King!

The Manx National Anthem
O Halloo nyn ghooie,
O Chliegeen ny s'bwaaie
Ry gheddyn er ooir aalin Yee,
Ta dt' Ardstoyl Reill Thie
Myr Barrool er ny hoie
Dy reayl shin ayns seyrsnys as shee.

Tra Gorree yn Dane
Haink er traie ec y Lhane
Son Ree Mannin v'eh er ny reih
'S va creenaght veih Heose
Er ny chur huggey neose
Dy reill harrin lesh cairys as graih

Ren nyn ayryn g'imraa
Va Nooghyn shenn traa
Yn Sushtal dy Hee fockley magh
Shegin yeearree peccoil
Myr far aileyn Vaal,
Ve er ny chur mow son dy bragh.

Vec ooasle yn Theihll
Ayns creoighys tooilleil
Ta traaue ooir as faarkey, Gow cree
Ny jarrood yn fer mie
Ta coadey 'n lught-thie
Ren tooilleil liorish Logh Galilee.

D'eiyr yn sterrym noon as noal
Yn baatey beg moal
Fo-harey hug Eh geay as keayn
Trooid ooilley nyn ghaue
Ta'n Saualtagh ec laue
Dy choadey nyn Vannin veg veen.

Lhig dorrinyn bra
Troggal seose nyn goraa
As brishey magh ayns ard arrane
Ta nyn groink aalin glass
Yn vooir cummal ass
As coadey lught-thie as shioltane.

Nyn Ellan fo-hee
Cha boir noidyn ee
Dy bishee nyn eeastyn as grine
Nee'n Chiarn shin y reayll
Voish strieughyn yn theihll
As crooinnagh lesh shee 'n ashoon ain.

Lhig dooin boggoil bee,
Lesh annym as cree,
As croghey er gialdyn yn Chiarn;
Dy vodmayd dagh oor,
Treishteil er e phooar,
Dagh olk ass nyn anmeenyn 'hayrn.
O land of our birth,
O gem of God's earth,
O Island so strong and so fair;
Built firm as Barrule,
Thy Throne of Home Rule
Makes us free as thy sweet mountain air.

When Orry, the Dane,
In Mannin did reign,
'Twas said he had come from above;
For wisdom from Heav'n
To him had been giv'n
To rule us with justice and love.

Our fathers have told
How Saints came of old,
Proclaiming the Gospel of Peace;
That sinful desires,
Like false Baal fires,
Must die ere our troubles can cease.

Ye sons of the soil,
In hardship and toil,
That plough both the land and the sea,
Take heart while you can,
And think of the Man
Who toiled by the Lake Galilee.

When fierce tempests smote
That frail little boat,
They ceased at His gentle command;
Despite all our fear,
The Saviour is near
To safeguard our dear Fatherland.

Let storm-winds rejoice,
And lift up their voice,
No danger our homes can befall;
Our green hills and rocks
Encircle our flocks,
And keep out the sea like a wall.

Our Island, thus blest,
No foe can molest;
Our grain and our fish shall increase;
From battle and sword
Protecteth the Lord,
And crowneth our nation with peace.

Then let us rejoice
With heart, soul and voice,
And in The Lord's promise confide;
That each single hour
We trust in His power,
No evil our souls can betide.

  • Parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy
    • Monarch: Charles III
    • Lieutenant Governor: Sir Richard Gozney
    • Chief Minister: Howard Quayle

  • Capital and largest town: Douglasnote 
  • Population: 83,314
  • Area: 572 km² (221 sq mi) (106th)
  • Currency: Pound sterling, Manx pound (£) (GBP)
  • ISO-3166-1 Code: IM