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Rookie Troper from Costa Rica, fan of stuff such as RP Gs, Anime and Manga, Movies and TV Shows. Born on the 80's, favourite genre is Sci-Fi.

Fat Bastard that has a constant Writer's Block and the most unimaginative user name ever... Take That Me, of course, but kinda factual.

So far, stuff that marcoasalazarm has contributed stuff for is:

-Oblivion (2013)

-Superwomen of Eva and associated pages

-Classical Music Is Boring

-Hate at First Sight

-"Home Alone" Antics

-The Lopsided Arm of the Law

-Taxman Takes the Winnings

-Pompous Political Pundit

-Persecuted Intellectuals

-Paying in Coins

-Disqualification-Induced Victory

-Artistic License Cars

-Villain-by-Proxy Fallacy

-Rage Against the Legal System

-A Fistful of Rehashes (also created the Playing with a Trope page for it, but it has since been removed)

-The Bore

-Spreading Disaster Map Graphic

-Ridiculous Repossession

-Edited (added tropes to) multiple Simpsons episodes pages.

And looking forward to do more stuff.