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Hi I'm Dazai just your average black nerdy Otaku.I'm the son of a formal naval officer turned science teacher and a Philadelphia jazz musician.

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[[folder:Tabletop Games RPGS I'm apart of]]

Naruto D20: Tanaka Chikamatsu is character I play in a AU Naruto D20 campaign called Sands Stained with Blood that is set twenty years before the start of the series during the years after the Second Shinobi World War. He is a grandson of Chiyo and a cousin to Sasori who also is his team leader. His original teammates were Hideki Junichi,Tanshin Yori,Kurama Mai. After Jun and Mai's departures from the games,they were replaced by Nawa Yasunaka,Hyuuga Rairaku and more recently Ishida Motoharu. I am also in another Narutod20 playing a Uchiha swordswoman by the name of Uchiha Makoto,who will be added in time.As there is little chance of someone reading this bar vandalism I've decided to include only the character I personally play and their tropes as form of personal amusement.



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