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My one eternal husband. From the same game as my avatar, but more broken, and a pure boi. Also immortal.

what a horrible duwang.

Yoober Bop whenever anything remotely bad happens

(insert nonsensical sentence here)

Also Yoober Bop, but probably refrencing and/or quoting Jojo, since she’s a weeb bitch-oh wait, I’m that weeb bitch.

The Meat Of The Matter

Good day. My name is Yoober Bop in the same way people who know the pronunciation of a Pokemon’s name is wrong but they say it anyway. In Yoobopian, it translates to an unpronounceable series of symbols, which in turn roughly translate to “She who stans them all”. My actual name won’t be revealed, so call me Lloipopp. Lloipopp, in my imaginary world, is a title given to sages of high rank. I like My Hero Academia. I’m also somewhere around either True Neutral or Lawful Evil, depends on what day it is. As of February 17, I have dedicated this account to spreading the influence of the Church of Ainchase Ishmael.


What You Didn’t Ask

Who is Ainchase Ishmael? You see, he was created by the goddess Ishmael to restore the fancy jewelry that keeps their worldly from dying. That’s about it. He has three different paths from there, but only the good one is canon.

Who is my purple avatar? Why, he’s Edward Grenore, a boy whose parents were killed, leaving him to be sold into slavery for sentient robots and eventually escape and spend several years in a library learning about the robots. He went mad somewhere along the line, but only the bad class is canon, unlike the cool one that I have an avatar of.


Where I Be

I hang around (exclusively) Forum Games, making myself miserable because nobody knows the nuance of Lu and Ciel, the components of several of my avatars. They actually aren’t my main in-game, but rather the beautiful bishonen fellow named Ain, seen above. God, I love him.

If I’m ever seen editing outside of my own Troper page, congratulate me. As far as I know, I ain’t going anywhere else. Arrivederci, and remember to send your crush into a permanent vegetative state if they don’t return your feelings.

The Obligatory Folders

    Stuff I Like 

    Tropes I Like 

    Tropes I Am 

can you tell I’m obsessed with anime yet


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