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Dimensia Praecox was born in 1991 to an alcoholic pilot and a severely bipolar red-head. Her parents finally divorced after six years of marriage, not long after which, her mother decided to remarry a nice, rural man with two sons of his own. It didn't work out that great. So, her mother promptly left him and set off on a series of relationships, few of which were much better. Meanwhile, Dimensia Praecox was raised by her Cool Big Sis.


Dimensia Praecox was born mad, a condition exacerbated by her mother's insistence on belittling her in front of passing strangers, her father's absence from her life, and the nagging feeling she always felt that N*Sync broke up years before their time. That always bugged her. In an attempt to treat the problem without spending a lot of money, her mother locked Dimensia Praecox in her room. That didn't help. Then, her mother threw her out of the house. That didn't help, either. Finally, her mother outright commanded that Dimensia Praecox stop being crazy. Unfortunately, Dimensia Praecox was listening to her iPod and didn't hear this command, so she was sent away to live in a rural farmland where she now resides, spending most of her time drawing, drinking coffee, and plotting fantastic revenge.


    Dimensia Praecox contains examples of the following Tropes: 

Black Comedy/Bloody Hilarious: This Troper is a big fan.

Caffeine Bullet Time: She intentionally invokes this on herself on a fairly regular basis.

Chaotic Evil

David Bowie : She has a bit of a thing for him .

Depraved Bisexual

Elegant Gothic Lolita: Her style incorporates this heavily, among many other things.

Even Evil Has Standards: This Troper does, in fact, have morals. They're just ones of her own choosing.

Gorn: She's moderately obsessed with it.

Guilty Pleasure: Let's just say, she struggles every day with how much she likes Thomas the Tank Engine.

Hilariously Abusive Childhood

Nightmare Fetishist: And how.

Must Have Caffeine: She started drinking coffee at age two. She is now 20. There is some speculation that she physically needs caffeine in order to survive.

Psychopathic Manchild: Type D.

Spot of Tea: She drinks more tea in a week than most Americans do in six months.


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