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Trivia / The Weakest Link

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  • Referenced by...: Famously, the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf", in which the heroes play the game hosted by "Anne-Droid" (voiced by Anne Robinson herself) where the weakest link is eliminated in a more fatal manner than a typical Anne Robinson barb, namely transmatting them aboard the Dalek mothership to have their genetic material used to breed new Daleks.
    • The "Hole in the Ring" sketches on That Mitchell and Webb Look are a parody of Link, with a Robinson expy who stumbles over her words and dishes out open and unwarranted abuse to contestants.
  • Screwed by the Network: Though not really intentionally. The US version did well at first, but then the 9/11 attacks happened—the ratings plunged as no one really wanted to watch a big-money quiz after that for a while; though a bunch of celebrity episodes were aired, that just sped the show further to its demise. The syndicated edition, meanwhile, did well for itself at first, but many of the stations that aired then picked up the syndicated Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? instead, booting this show to late nights or off the station entirely; it ended up rerunning on what was then PAX TV (which had an alliance of sorts with NBC at the time), and that's also where a few unaired primetime eps were run, too.
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  • What Could Have Been: There were three pilots taped for the US syndicated run—only one of them had George Gray, but who hosted the other two is still unknown. The prime-time version, meanwhile, had two pilots—one with Anne, the other with Richard Hatch at the helm.


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