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  • George Wendt has made it through five rounds without getting a single question wrong. But that's not the MOA. The other players voted him off, as strategy suggests. Anne chastised them all and said goodbye to George while STILL LOOKING AT HIM. It wasn't the cut-short goodbye she always uses either, it was genuinely heartfelt.
    • A similar example, though early in the UK, was when Chris Hughes was voted off. He was the strongest link in almost all of the rounds, and at the time of recording, he was the strongest player of any contestant, not answering one question wrong. Anne chastised those two players who voted him off, and she was even reluctant to say her Elimination Catchphrase.
    • Another example in the US, when a contestant named Vaughn, who had answered all but one question correctly, was voted off. Anne was very polite when eliminating him, even going so far as to say she was "ashamed of [his] team members."
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    • The revival had Kaya who got every single question right. Unlike the others, her opponent pulled a What an Idiot! and kept her in the final round and she won in a clean sweep.
      • To be entirely fair though, he got every question right in the final round too, forcing a sudden death. You gotta give to credit to his great performance against such a strong player.
  • Anne chastising four contestants for forming a pregame alliance and apologising sincerely to the last person they took out, Mindy Cohn.
    Anne: Well, we got a conspiracy here. Four grown-up guys who didn't have the courage to come on and play the game... straight. I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves. But Mindy, the fact of life is... you are the Weakest Link—I'm sorry—goodbye.
  • This man. Doubles as a Funny Moment too.
  • From the US Version "A Reasonable Start, Team."note  And did it a second time in the next round.


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