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Trivia / The Vinyl Scratch Tapes

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  • Jossed: Everything Vinyl Scratch says to Celestia was debunked or outright denied by Lauren Faust not long after the chapter came out. Even if fans didn't care for how it was resolved, Corey had to do something to acknowledge that.
  • Role Reprise: Hannah K is the only confirmed voice actress from the original Audio Adaptation to return for the upcoming remake, reprising her role as Vinyl Scratch.
  • The Other Darrin: In the upcoming remake of the fic's Audio Adaptation, Octavia, Princess Celestia and the Narrator are now voiced by Artypaints, IM Shadow 007 and Arkham instead of Wolfie, Lauren Goodnight and DJ Shamrock respectively.
  • What Could Have Been: When Corey was first thinking up the fanfic, originally it was just going to be about Vinyl being a lone radio host. But he realized that he would need another character for her to bounce off of to keep the fic entertaining, so he added Octavia in as a Foil to Vinyl Scratch.
    • In the Audio Adaptation, Hannah K and Wolfie had auditioned for the roles of both Vinyl and Octavia. Hannah was proud of her own Octavia voice, while Wolfie was proud of her own Vinyl voice. But they ended up with the oppisite roles of what they initially desired.
    • There was originally suppose to be a third season, but Corey cancelled it to avoid Seasonal Rot.


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