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In a cross-station broadcast, Trixie gives a Not So Different "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Vinyl pointing out her hypocrisy, in a parallel of Vinyl's own toward Blueblood
Somehow the two stations end up talking to each other on air (either Blueblood in his idiocy contacts them in a badly thought out attempt to bait them, or Vinyl calls up to mock them for their technical difficulties), and when Blueblood inevitably gets flustered and makes a fool out of himself, Trixie butts in (with something like "move over amateur"), and then proceeds to call out Vinyl for her own bitchiness, pointing out how she herself said that nopony in their age group should find Octavia's music entertaining on their first show, then moves on to the parallels between the two (Blueblood and Vinyl made their attacks on each other because they had upset the others' loved ones), how they employ rather despicable tactics to get at each other (Blueblood using his family's wealth and power to take things over, Vinyl her popularity and charisma to organize an illegal event), and when Vinyl is finally taken aback by someone who can compete with her in terms of loud-mouthedness, accuses Blueblood of hiding behind his girlfriend, to which Trixie mocks Octavia for doing the same, and then mocks Vinyl for letting Rover do her dirty work at the event. Lastly, she gives a "friendly" reminder not to give ponies bad ideas, because there are plenty of stupid ponies who would take them up on that (speaking from experience when a pair of idiots going into a dangerous forest in the middle of the night to retrieve a house-sized bear because someone else gave them the idea) and that if anything does happen to Blueblood because of her on-air suggestions, she could be held liable. For the first time, Vinyl will be stunned silent, while Blueblood just looks at her in awe. Trixie then goes on to state "The Great and Powerful Trixie is quite experienced at taking on hecklers".
  • Something similar ended up happening in Season 2, Ep. 3. Vinyl broke into Blueblood's radio station to chew him out for snaking Princess Luna away for an interview on his show (as Luna was supposed to be interviewed by Vinyl that day but canceled at last minute). Her aggressiveness towards Blueblood, who was in the middle of a depressed breakdown at the moment, caused Luna to lose her temper, calling Vinyl out on her excessive disrespect of the royal family and her tendency to do things without caring about the consequences. The whole incident triggers a Heroic BSoD for Vinyl.
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  • Something even closer happened in season 2, Ep 4. Trixie sneaks in to the studio intending to give Vinyl and Octavia a piece of her mind, but ends up arriving when nobody's there and has to hide when everyone returns. After remaining hidden through the following Heartwarming Moment, an enraged Trixie bursts out of her hiding place and delivers a What the Hell, Hero? rant about how Blueblood has become the Designated Villain, and Vinyl's been just as much of a jerk as he has. Vinyl realizes that the Jerkass Has a Point, and she and Octavia visit Trixie and Blueblood's show to apologize... which leads to an even more epic Heartwarming Moment, as Blueblood abandons his Evil Plan to destroy Octavia's career and sends her ensemble on a worldwide tour instead.


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