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Funny / The Vinyl Scratch Tapes

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Season One

The Celestia Interview

The Spitfire Interview

  • When discussing Photo Finish's negative reaction to her interview:
    Octavia: "She threw [a camera] at your head!"
    Vinyl: "Yes. For free."
  • Discussing Princess Celestia:
    Octavia: She's the ruler of all Equestria!
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  • When discussing Blueblood cancelling his scheduled interview:
    Octavia: There you go insulting ponies you’ve never met again.
    DJ-P0n3: You’re just mad because he’d be the only guest we’ve had snootier than you.
    Octavia: He is not snootier than me!
    (DJ-P0n3 bursts out laughing.)
    Octavia: Wait, I mean I’m not snooty! I mean he’s not snooty! I mean, ugh, shut up!

The Call-In Show

  • Octavia: Yes. Very.
    Vinyl: What happened to the proper lady I knew?!
    Octavia: She met you. That's what happened.
  • The Diamond Dogs' attempts at prank calling, which fail due to the station not having a refrigerator or tobacco. And Vinyl being smart enough to hang up quickly. And the Diamond Dogs' inability to impersonate a pony.


The Concert

  • DJ-P0n3: (Clears throat, speaks up) So, Prince Blueblood, thanks for coming to our very illegal concert. Please continue with your not-at-all delusional story about how we’re evil and you’re the moral paragon.
    Blueblood: Why yes, thank you, I believe I shall.
    Octavia: (whispering) D-does he not understand you were being sarcastic?
    Blueblood: (clears throat) Do you remember last month when you interviewed my Aunt Celestia?
    Blueblood: Oh. (He pauses, then continues without any irony.) Well, last month you interviewed my—
    Octavia: We remember, okay?! What about it?


Season Two

The Second Call-In Show

  • Blueblood calls to announce his new competing show:
    Blueblood: Hmph! Enjoy your immaturity while you can. For you see, K-COLT has just entered its winter.
    DJ-P0n3: Yes, we’re totally soiling ourselves in fear over here…
    Blueblood: (without irony) And rightfully so!
    Octavia: sigh Still as good at detecting sarcasm as you ever were…
    Octavia: No, I was being…Ugh, you know what, never mind.
    • The bit before this with Vinyl repeatedly hanging up on Blueblood, and him getting more and more annoyed each time.

The Ensemble Interview

  • When discussing the first broadcast of Blueblood and Trixie's show:
    Octavia: His co-host reminds me of somepony…
    DJ-P0n3: Hm? What do you mean?
    Octavia: Well, let’s see…she’s obnoxious…
    DJ-P0n3: Yeah?
    Octavia: She has an ego the size of the moon…
    DJ-P0n3: Uh huh?
    Octavia: And she’s a gigantic hammy unicorn who seems to crave any attention from everypony?
    DJ-P0n3: Soooo?
    Octavia: This ... you don’t see any similarities between her and somepony else our listeners might be familiar with?
    DJ-P0n3: ... Harpo?
    Octavia: No it’s not Harp— you’re just messing with me, aren’t you?
    DJ-P0n3: (Grinning) When am I not?


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