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Awesome / The Vinyl Scratch Tapes

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  • Even if you're a fan of Vinyl, one can't help but find find Luna's What the Hell, Hero?/"The Reason You Suck" Speech toward her as anything other than epic.
  • Similarly, Vinyl giving Blueblood a piece of her mind immediately upon learning the dick move he pulled on Octavia, then threatening to give put on a concert of her own—then doing it.
  • It may be horrifically evil, but Blueblood laying out his plan to get his final revenge on K-COLT sends shivers of dark, sadistic awesomeness down the spine. Bellatrix Lestrange-level dark, sadistic awesomeness.
    "No, no, you see. That’s the best part. I don’t attack her. Not directly. But that’s the beauty of it. She’ll just have to watch. I want her to watch all the hope and promise in her best friend’s eyes twinkle out as I crush her dreams into a fine powder and toss them in the wind. I want her to beg me to do something to stop this. I want her to offer K-COLT on a silver platter. I want her to promise me all the world ... and I want to look down and say 'Not good enough.'"
  • Trixie calling out Vinyl and the assembled ponies out for their self-congratulatory, sappy, hypocritical drivel that makes Blueblood a villain for locking somepony in a bathroom, but lets Vinyl get away with hiring a criminal slaver and dehumanizing (deponyizing?) a person on a national scale. This includes two immortal goddesses.
    • What's particularly amusing is how well it can be applied on a meta level, regarding how the fans can utterly crucify the jerk-level antagonists (like the fanfic itself did to Blueblood in the first season) but completely ignore the fact that the heroes can go so far as to endanger or destroy the entire town and we'd be expected to love them by the end of the episode.


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