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Trivia / The Marrying Man

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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $26 million. Box office, $12,454,758.
  • Creator Killer: Director Jerry Rees did not direct another full-length theatrical film until 2013.
  • Romance on the Set: This was the film where Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger began their romance; they would marry two years after its release.
  • Star-Derailing Role: This was one of a few flops in the early 90's that melted Kim Basinger's A-list career. Oddly enough, the film seemed to be also a vehicle for her as a singer, hopes of which were obviously dashed too.
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  • Those Two Actors: This was the first of two films Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger did together as a couple, the second being the remake of The Getaway.
  • Troubled Production: When it was first released, the film was infamous for the behind-the-scenes fights. More to the point, according to Premiere magazine, Basinger and Baldwin, who moved in together during the filming, made life miserable for the crew with their demands and their attitude.
    • First and foremost, there were Baldwin's violent temper tantrums in which he threw a chair, smashed camera lenses, punched a wall and ripped a cellular phone from a Disney executive's hand. Things had already gotten off on the wrong foot when Disney Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, when first meeting Baldwin, reportedly joked, "We could get a gate guard to do the same job as you." Baldwin naturally didn't take kindly to the joke.
    • Basinger was accused of habitual lateness (she kept production waiting on the set due to her elaborate morning routine, which included washing her hair with only Evian water and shampoo), flashing the crew, talking filthy on open walkie-talkies, refusing to shoot in sunlight, and demanding that no one look at her. Stories also included Basinger's feud with Simon over her dialogue (Basinger at one point told Simon, "This isn't funny. Whoever wrote this doesn't understand comedy.") and a prima-donna attitude that ultimately resulted in the firing of the original director of photography because she didn’t look like how she looked in the test shots that he had taken. One person from the set claimed that at one point, Basinger pushed director Jerry Rees aside and tried to direct a musical number herself. Basinger also wouldn’t settle for having her makeup touched up between close-up shots. No, she had to have her makeup completely removed and re-applied between takes, so that retakes would take hours instead of minutes. She also wanted to shut down production so she could fly to Brazil to consult a psychic.
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    • It was also on the set of The Marrying Man that Basinger and Baldwin began a hot, steamy on-set romance. Allegedly, the crew miked the trailers to record them having sex and they then played them back so that Basinger and Baldwin could hear. The end result was that The Marrying Man only grossed $12,454,758 against a $26 million budget, and currently has a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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