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Trivia / The Little Muppet Monsters

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  • Role Reprisal: Richard Hunt voices the animated version of Beaker, the sole aversion of The Other Darrin for the animated Muppet characters.
  • Troubled Production: Things did not go well behind the scenes. Per former writer Scott Shaw!:
    "The concept of this second half-hour was neither simple nor particularly well-developed. A trio of new (live-action) Muppet Monster Kids, working from the basement of the adult Muppets' home, create their own television station which broadcasts only to the TV sets in the house upstairs... Although eighteen episodes were produced, only three of them ever aired; Henson Associates and CBS agreed that the concept had never been properly thought out and just wasn't up to Henson's high standards. To Jim's credit, it was his idea to pull the show from the Saturday morning lineup. ...I've always felt that the juxtapositioning of live-action and animated Muppets invited an unfavorable comparison, to which the cartoon version inevitably suffered; the puppetry was just too good. The combination of Muppet babies, adults and kid monsters was very disorienting. Also, due to a lack of development time, the concept — and therefore, the writing and designs — never quite jelled."
  • The Wiki Rule: The Muppet Wiki.
  • What Could Have Been: Thanks to the swift cancellation, multiple episodes were left unfinished, and several of the puppet segments have leaked out to the internet in recent years.
    • An early concept for the show was Muppet Monster Television, a talks show parody with adult monsters, as well as Floyd and Janice from the Electric Mayhem guest hosting.

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