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  • Actor-Shared Background: Ricardo is Hispanic, like his voice actor, Nicolas Roye.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: In the webseries, Doc Broc and Egghead are voiced by women (Laila Berzins and Alexandra Ryan, respectively)
  • Name's the Same: Some of the Grosseries share names with previously established Trashies from the The Trash Pack, such as Putrid Pizza and Shoccoli.
  • No Export for You: Some exclusive variants of figures have only been released in certain countries. This can even bar Australia, the home country of Moose Toys, from having these variants.
  • Referenced by...:
    • The parody sticker line Wacky Packages released a parody of the franchise for the 2017 60th anniversary line, parodied as "Grossery Pre-Filled Trash Bags".
    • A commercial for Flush Force, despite being from Spin Master instead of Moose, has a Greaseburger figure and Dodgey Donut's exclusive action figure-packed figure among the Flushies during the wide shot of the commercial, each seen on a toilet by the sides of the screen.
  • Show Accuracy/Toy Accuracy: The static artwork for the characters often has various color changes than the figures. Also, the webseries versions of characters often gain limbs, which are absent in the toyline.
  • Talking to Himself: There is a small amount of voice actors in the series, with each of them voicing more than one character in various scenarios. This has included:
    • Laila Berzins as Sparkles, Doc Broc, the Loog, Lady Cheese, and Cruddy Cat Food.
    • Spike Spencer as Meathead, Rocky, Stinky, and Tinned Slimeapple.
    • Nicolas Roye as Pizza Face, Surge, Ricardo, Spray Bottle, and Chips McGraw.
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    • Alexandra Ryan as Egghead and Nasty Looking Tissues.
    • Kyle Hebert as Trash Head, Gooey Chewie, Vac Attack, Wet Wipes, Buckethead, Slimy Sardines, Overlord, and Franko.
    • Doug Erholtz as Bad Beef Can, Faked Beanz, Sloppy Soup Tin, Mop Head, and Feather Duster.
    • Tom Kennedy as Arak Attack, Crikey, and Chunder.
    • Frank Todaro as Infantry Ant and Itchy Mosquito.
  • Voices in One Room: Various Instagram pictures of the voice actors has shown them utilizing this.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Preliminary art seen in the old sizzle reel and at the Toy Fairs reveals that the Grosseries were going to have colored irises, and not just dot pupils.
    • Sticky Soda was originally designed to be colored dark green, rather than light blue. Use of this design was seen in the prototype sizzle reel and on promo boards at the 2016 Toy Fair, and can still be seen in the standee models at Toys R Us.
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    • The sizzle reel reveals that Fungus Fries was prepped to be in the webseries much earlier, while for the longest time he was just relegated to an Advertised Extra, despite having heavy coverage in the promo artwork and getting one of the long bios the webseries characters get. He eventually made his webseries debut in Series 4, three season after his release. In the webseries, he is given the name "Chips McGraw", rather than his preliminary webseries name of "French Fry Head".
    • The Series 2 Mega Pack contained pictures of Grosseries that never came to have figures, such as an onion ring Grossery and a maple syrup one.
    • Busted Boxing Gloves originally had white lining their elastic bands, as seen in various playset setups that use their original figure models. They were released proper with elastic bands that match their glove color.
    • Dodgey Donut's webseries name was originally "Donut Brain", instead of "Rocky".
    • Series 2 originally was set to have cards released for the trading card game. A few drawings were released by Paul Harvey, the artist of the series, but the cards never were released.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Grossery Gang Wiki.

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