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Trivia / Tensai Bakabon

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  • Creator's Favorite: Fujio Akatsuka loves Papa. Not only is he his favorite Tensai Bakabon character, but he's his favorite character spanning over all of his work. In photographs and caricatures of Akatsuka, he's often dressed up as Papa.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Bakabon and Hajime-chan in all four series.
  • Cut Short: Thanks to the cancellation of Dengeki Bazooka, Shounen Bakabon ended up as this, with only 16 chapters to its name.
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  • I Knew It!: A number of fans already knew that the first episode of the 2018 Anime will be filled with copyrighted references since Osomatsu-san's "Osomatsu-Kun returns" Episode., though the parodies are very minor in this Episode.
  • No Export for You: For the most part, anyway. A bilingual edition in English and Japanese of the first few volumes does exist, but it is long out of print. Oh, and all of the anime series? Raw.
    • Fortunately averted with the 2018 anime, which is being subbed by Crunchyroll.
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