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  • Colbert Bump: Due to Sergeant John "Tankman" Captain being added in Friday Night Funkin' as a Guest Fighter since his debut in Week 7, the Tankmen series has been getting a surge of viewers now aware of the series and Newgrounds as a whole.
  • Development Hell: Johnny Utah has mentioned that the script and voice acting for Tankmen 2.5 and Tankmen 3 is done, but he hasn't been really motivated to do all the animation work for them, especially since Utah is currently working on Nightmare Cops, but he has considered giving the work as it is to a willing animator to do them.
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  • Fandom Life Cycle: Stage X. After John "Tankman" Captain's appearance as a Guest Fighter in Friday Night Funkin', this brought not only a renewed interest to his home series, but Newgrounds also experienced a renaissance due to this massive influx of new users.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The first episode of Tankmen cannot be hosted on Newgrounds (ironic given that said episode is about the very mascot of Newgrounds itself) since it features an unedited clip from Titanic (1997) in its ending, and since its inclusion is too important to censor, the entire submission was removed in order to avoid copyright trouble. However, it can be viewed on Youtube on channels that have their own copies of the work.
  • Talking to Himself: JohnnyUtah does the voice acting for all of the Tankmen on either side, as well as the voices of the football gang. Yes, this includes John "Tankman" Captain. Pretty much the only character that JohnnyUtah does not voice is Tankgirl.
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  • What Could Have Been: The creator claimed that if he were to make a prequel known as Tankmen 0, it would have an inverted palette for the characters, with characters in black wearing white attire instead of the other way around, with a bluish background, with the characters themselves being scientists who are implied to be the instigators of whatever turned the Tankmen's world into what it is now.
  • Word of Gay: While unclear if it was a joke or not, JohnnyUtah described all the Tankmen as being asexual in a tweet.


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