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Trivia / Tannhäuser

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  • All-Star Cast: As Tannhäuser, Elisabeth, Venus, Wolfram, Landgrave, and Walther...
    • 1961, conducted by Wolfgang Sawallisch: Wolfgang Windgassen, Victoria de los Ángeles, Grace Bumbry, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Josef Greindl, Gerhard Stolze
    • 1968, conducted by Otto Gerdes: Wolfgang Windgassen, Birgit Nilsson (as both Elisabeth and Venus), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Theo Adam, Horst Laubenthal, Otto Gerdes
    • 1970, conducted by Georg Solti: René Kollo, Helga Demesch, Christa Ludwig, Victor Braun, Hans Sotin, Werner Hollweg
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    • 1988, conducted by Giuseppe Sinopoli: Plácido Domingo, Cheryl Studer, Agnes Baltsa, Andreas Schmidt, Matti Salminen, William Pell
    • 2014, conducted by Daniel Barenboim: Peter Seiffert, Ann Petersen, Marina Prudenskaya, Peter Mattei, René Pape, Peter Sonn
  • Older Than They Think: Wagner's identification of Tannhäuser with Heinrich von Ofterdingen may have been suggested by Ludwig Bechstein and Christoph Theodor Leopold's similar (and dubious) identification, some fifteen years earlier.
  • Recursive Import: Various portions of Tannhäuser were rewritten for the Paris production, and the words had to be retranslated into German.

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