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  • Development Hell: Production began in 2006, but the movie itself wasn't released until six years later in 2012.
  • Market-Based Title: The film was titled Guardian of the Highlands in the United States.
  • Troubled Production: According to the animators who worked on it, the movie suffered from a hellish production, to the point where many have called it the Scottish counterpart of Foodfight!.
    • Originally promoted as the first animated film from Scotland — though by the time it was actually released it had lost that honour to The Illusionist, forcing them to instead market it as the country's first computer-animated film.
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    • Things rapidly fell apart in production, however, as director Sascha Hartmann rapidly proved to be a Prima Donna Director who demanded that the animators use his unappealing character designs with no alterations, constantly made changes to scenes which required them to be hastily re-animated (causing the quality to suffer), and also repeatedly called back the cast to re-record their dialogue, which is noticeable in that Connery's voice is very inconsistent, either from poor health, disillusionment with the project, or both. On top of that, Hartmann not only fired any animator who protested the film's inappropriately adult humour or his approach to managing the project in general, but even reportedly fired anyone who was actually managing to produce stand-out work, as he considered them a threat to his authority as director. By the end of production everything was being churned out hastily by a group of inexperienced animators, which ended up being evident in the less-than-stellar animation used in the finished product.


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