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Trivia / She's Out of Control

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  • Creator Killer: The film's critical thrashing delivered a fatal setback to the career of director Stan Dragoti. He only had one more film, Necessary Roughness, and then he went "poof" from the movie business. It's also one of a handful of movies in the back half of the 80's that led to Coca-Cola losing control of Columbia Pictures to Sony, and was one of four 1989 films that ended the viability of Weintraub Entertainment Group only months after they released their first cinematic film.
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  • Dueling Movies: Opened the same day as another teen comedy, Say Anything..., and they were reviewed on the same episode of Siskel & Ebert. While Say Anything was lauded by the duo, they both incinerated She's Out of Control (it found a place on the Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List), with Siskel commenting that he "nearly quit his job" and Ebert calling Dragoti and the other makers "idiots" and saying they robbed him of "two hours of his life".

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