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  • Ashcan Copy: Flash Comics, the title that introduced Captain Marvel (then called Captain Thunder). Whiz Comics #2 was the first actual issue; #1 was an ashcan edition and was never publicly released.
  • Development Gag: The Alternate Timeline of Flashpoint has the Shazam powers shared among six kids (Billy, Mary, Freddy, and newcomers named Paco, Eugene, and Darla) who can summon "Captain Thunder" - Sound familiar?
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  • Follow the Leader: Obviously created to cash in on Superman's popularity, debuting not too long after the Man of Steel. Then he wound up getting so popular, Superman started to copy his trends. This included elements such as a female counterpart and the power of flight. And then DC sued Fawcett for making The Captain too similar.
  • The Other Darrin: Jackson Bostwick (Captain Marvel) was replaced at the start of the TV series' third season by John Davey.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Freelance artist Mayo "Sen" Naito was signed on as one of several lead artists on the Shazam! (2018) comic; before this, she had a strong following on social media and was know for her superhero fan art, particularly of the Marvel Family (Shazam being her favorite character). Getting the job has been something of a dream-come-true for her.
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  • Reality Subtext: Whenever Superman and Captain Marvel are in the same comic together, it's a pretty good bet one of them is going to punch the other. This is a reference to their famous court battle, where DC sued Fawcett over similarities to Superman.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Twice over in fact. Originally a creation of Fawcett Comics, for a time Captain Marvel was regularly outselling Superman. Not liking this, DC Comics sued Fawcett over copyright infringement, claiming Captain Marvel lifted too many traits from Superman. The courts found in favor of DC Comics, and because of both legal fees and the declining market in the 50s, Fawcett decided to step out of the comic industry. Come the 60s, with the comic industry growing once more, DC was now interested in investing in more comic characters and looked to license Captain Marvel. Irony came into play here because during the same timeframe, Marvel Comics, having started to hit their stride, had already trademarked the Captain Marvel name for their new character, so DC could never produce a comic titled Captain Marvel, opting for Shazam instead. By the time the New 52 reboot happened, DC finally threw in the towel and officially renamed the character Shazam.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Alex Ross's Rough Justice art book, he proposed a redesign of the Marvel Family which would've slightly aged Billy to that of a teenager, and modeled him and Captain Marvel after their counterparts from the TV show. Ross's revision would've also included a reworking of Vulcan, the Expy of Black Lightning from Superfriends, with a backstory connected to Shazam. This direction was pitched when DC's decision to make Freddie Freeman inheritor of Shazam's power had been decided on.
    • Going further back, in 1983, a proposal for an updated Captain Marvel was submitted to DC by Roy Thomas, Don Newton, and Jerry Ordway. This version of the character, to be an inhabitant of DC's main Earth-One universe, rather than the Fawcett-based Earth-S universe, would have featured an African-American version of Billy Batson named "Willie Fawcett", who spoke the magic word "Shazam!" to become Captain Thunder, Earth-One's Mightiest Mortal. This alternate version of the character was never used.
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  • Word of God: The Wizard was intentionally drawn to look like an older Captain Marvel by C.C. Beck, foreshadowing the Legacy Character aspect of the Shazam power.


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