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Trivia / Sadala Chronicles: The Saiyan and the Devil's Fruit

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  • Creator's Favorite: The author's favorite character in the fanfic is Caulifla. He is disappointed he didn't give her a victory.
  • Inspiration for the Work: In the final chapter, the author gives a list of works that inspired him for the fanfic. The Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders, My Hero Academia, Metroid and Darkstalkers.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The author admits he writes this way. When he had to retire from the story due to a personal project, he needed to read the previous chapters because he had forgotten of the content.
  • What Could Have Been: Some ideas were considered for the story but were dropped due to Creator Breakdown.
    • The line "she may be a girl" was going to be added into the text, but was scrapped as it's a Pet-Peeve Trope of the author.
    • Evaprimolca was originally going to be named Choco, to combine with Cacao' Edible Theme Naming, but this was scrapped.
    • Esparra was going to be even more of a fearsome antagonist, who would mutate while fighting Pirina as a giant Namekian (with the author comparing him to Ridley from Metroid), but the author thought the story was too packed, so it was made anticlimactic on purpose.
    • Taura and Cabba were meant to fight outside the Tree of Might while a war happened in the background. The author didn't think it was thematically appropriate, and couldn't see Cabba winning against her in that scenario.
    • Taura was meant to transform into either a plant monster or a female Namekian during her final confrontation, but the author thought it would betray Turles's biggest appeal of never needing a transformation.
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    • Originally the fight between Goku and Hit was going to be adapted, but since neither of the characters is important to Cabba's Character Development, the fight was glossed over.

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