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Trivia / Ōkamiden

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  • B-Team Sequel: None of the members of the original team at Clover Studio were involved in the game, having been handed to Mobile and Game Studio Inc. instead. The former had already folded by the time the game was released.
  • Creator Backlash: Of a sort. By the time this game was being developed, Clover Studio had been folded by Capcom and most of its members went on to form PlatinumGames; when Hideki Kamiya, main creator on Ōkami, heard Capcom was making a sequel to the original game without his or Platinum's involvement, he was not happy.
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  • Dummied Out: Some unused dialogue implies there would be some narration in the background and the dialogue for certain parts would be different. Along with that, there are unused scrolls such as Issun's last log entry before he leaves with Chibi to the Celestial Plain, enemies randomly dropping buffs and extra money if attacked when dizzy, Demon Challenge Scrolls information, and sprite tiles for quarter ink levels as well as for possibly a "Money Up!" buff. In addition, a scrapped consumable revealed via cheating reveals they had an auto-revive item planned: Life Tree Branch.
  • Franchise Killer: While considered an okay game on its own, a combination of lackluster reception to the games story thanks to the Time Travelling Retconning shenanigans and the fact that it was made by people who didn't work on the original has put the possibly of a third Okami game on hold for a while now.
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  • Pre-Order Bonus: Pre-orders of the game came with a nice looking screen cleaner and a badass looking calligraphy brush stylus. Or a plush Chibiterasu keychain, if you were fast enough to order from Capcom.

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